Saturday, January 19, 2008

19 January 2008, Saturday

This is a very short entry.

I have been sick all day long. Miguel took good care of me. He made me some scramble eggs with a bagel. We supposed to go to YouTube Hollywood Gathering from Noon to 5 PM. I didn’t felt like going at all. My temperature was 99.1 in the morning.

We watched Spiderman in the afternoon. We haven’t watch that movie. Last year, I saw Spiderman 3 with Brian and Peter. Spiderman 3 is the only Spiderman movie I ever saw. Now, I need to watch Spiderman 2.

I took my temperature in the evening time. It was 100.4. Miguel made some popcorn. I made a video of my temperature.

100.4 temperature

Miguel wanted to make a salad. I want a sandwich instead.

At night, I took my temperature. It was 103.1. I made a video in the restroom again. In the video, it was 102.0.

102.0 temperature

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