Thursday, January 10, 2008

10 January 2008, Thursday

This morning, we washed three loads of clothes. The lady I saw on the bus with Ken finished a load. She put it in the dryer. I put the clothes in the washing machine. I was done by 2:30 PM. Miguel folded the clothes. Miguel bake a yellow cake.

After 3:30 PM - We got dressed. We walked to the bus stop. We got on bus 4 to .99¢ only store, near Sunset and Santa Monica. We brought some food and stuff for the kitchen. It was $37.37. Miguel gave me $15. I gave him back $5. We were there about an hour or two. We didn’t catch bus 2; it was too crowded. We caught bus 4. We stood on the bus. We got off the bus.

We went home. Miguel cooked supper like always. It was a very short day for us.

11:30 PM - Apparently, we may have another mouse. We kept on hearing noises over a month. Tonight, we heard a macaroni fell to the ground. Miguel checked for the mouse. There was no sign of the mouse. Miguel almost gave up. I got on my knees, not for that, guys! LOL. I found it on the ground. I showed it to him, not that again, guys! We removed the pasta and put it on the counter. Miguel found a open bag of macaroni. I thought we have another mouse in the place.

When Miguel took a shower earlier tonight, I heard the noises from the same spot. I gave Miguel the glue traps. He put one by the open macaroni bag and the other one by the door inside the bathroom. Now, the waiting game begun.

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