Thursday, January 17, 2008

17 January 2008, Thursday

6:55 AM - I woke up. I heard the mouse in the bathroom. This time, I didn’t scare him. I said,” I’m coming! I’m coming!” The mouse went straight to the couch. I used the restroom. I went back to bed. I was still sleepy.

7 AM - Miguel asked, “Can I turn on the TV?” Sure, it won’t bother me. Almost every night, I fell asleep during the TV. It wasn’t that loud . I fell sleep again.

8:15 AM - I woke up. I got dressed. I started Today’s diary entry. Miguel gave me a cup of strawberry milk. We watched the news for a while. He changed the TV to Clifford The Big Red Dog on PBS. Sometimes, we watched that show in the morning.

8:40 AM - I asked, “You don’t want me to use your name?” Miguel said, “No. Everyone will read it.” Yeah, right. Not everyone know about the online journal. He wants to be call “The other half, lover, boyfriend, sweetheart and baby.” I mentioned Miguel is NOT a baby. He got upset by that. He believed that he is not MY BABY! Wah! Wah! I want my bottle! Wah! Wah! For crying out loud, He is an adult.

9 AM - I Love Lucy came on KCOP 13. Miguel fell asleep again.

11:40 AM - Miguel woke up.

Noon - I washed clothes. We watched I Love Lucy on FOX 11. Miguel washed the dishes. Miguel cooked a cake. It will be done by 1:15 PM.

12:45 PM - I put the clothes in the dryer. I gave Miguel his black socks.

1:15 PM - I checked the cake. It wasn’t done yet. Five more minutes.

1:20 PM - The cake was done. It smelt yummy.

Since the order fell through with J&R, I looked at Amazon for HP 750GB Personal Media Drive. I checked to be sure it was the right media drive. It sure was! It cost me $236.34 on Amazon. This time, I would get it next week. I can’t wait!.

1:50 PM - The clothes was done in the dryer. I put them on my bed. Miguel folded the clothes. He put the clothes away.

We had two pieces of cake. It was pretty tasty. Miguel sure know how to bake a cake!

3 PM - We watched Maya & Miguel on PBS. Once again, Miguel fell asleep.

3:50 PM - Miguel woke up.

4 PM - We watched the news on ABC 7. We checked out the Los Angeles Gay Center web site. He wants to find a job at the place. They will help to find him a job. He decided to go this Saturday.

He changed his mind at the last minute. We got dressed. We had a small fight. I wanted to change shirts. Miguel took it wrong. He was pist off at me. He demanded me to stay home. I explained I want to wear the green stripe shirt with my new hat. I looked fabulous with it.

5:10 PM - We left my place. Miguel almost pushed me in front of a moving car on Marathon. We waited for bus 2. He laughed about it on the bus. He admitted he tried to kill me. He said he would do it right the next time. He promised. He continued to laugh.

6 PM - We went to the gay center. Miguel looked for a job on the bulletin board. No luck. I took some pics of the gay center outside. I went back in. He came out of the restroom. I used it too. We went to Hollywood Blvd. Bus 217 was coming. The light turned green. We ran across the street. We caught it. We traveled down the street. El Capitan held Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. We couldn’t see any stars on the red carpet from the bus. There was a limousine thou. We got off Santa Monica/Fairfax.

6:30 PM - The ambulance zoomed down Santa Monica Blvd. We caught bus 704 to Highland. We went to the Village. Miguel looked at the bulletin for jobs. This time, he was successful. He got some phone numbers for the jobs. He was off to a good start.

7 PM - We left the Village. We saw bus 4 at the corner. We were about to jaywalk across the street. The police car just turned right on Santa Monica. We walked to the corner and crossed the street. We went home.

7:45 PM - We got home. I checked the mailbox. I ran down the stairs. I gave it to him. He asked about it earlier. Yes, we made a video. I opened the envelope. I got my bus ID. It was pretty fast. I applied for it about two weeks ago. Miguel made some mac and cheese and toast.

8 PM - We watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s. We never see that movie before. I looked up the movie on the web. That same movie paved the way for Buddy Ebsen to get on The Beverly Hillbillies. I found that movie rather boring. It didn’t hold my interest at all.

10 PM - We watched the FOX 11 news. Miguel fell asleep. I turned down the volume on the TV. I turned off the TV. There was nothing to watch.

11:05 PM - Miguel woke up. He ate some jell-o. He fed me some.

We watched Live Video Chat with Christine Devine on FOX 11 site. It was quite interesting. She worked for FOX 11 news for 17 years at night. She does the Wednesday's Child for 12 years. Here is a interesting adoptive fact about her. She was adoptive in a way. Her mother raised her with her step father, who adopted her. She doesn't want any kids right now. It won't be fair to the kids; she works at night. She is engaged to a musician.

Rick Garcia and her met at collage. She interned at the station Rick worked for. She sent him her audition tips for advice. Everyone get along with each other. Mark Thompson and Carlos Amezcua showed up too.

We watched some videos on YouTube. Miguel did the control thing. Nope, that was not the magic word. He said, “Please.” I gave the control to him. He turned on the TV. He watched Friends and Married…With Children.

12:30 AM - I went to bed. Miguel stayed up to watch more TV.

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