Thursday, January 24, 2008

24 January 2008 Thursday

9:45 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I turned on the TV.

10 AM - The View on ABC.

I had some leftover food for breakfast.

Noon - YouTube videos.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

1:20 PM - Miguel woke up.

2 PM - Hawaii Five-O on KDOC 56.

Miguel wanted to get some aqua. I told him that it is raining. He still want to go out. I told him that they may ask questions if he go out alone.

I helped Miguel with his job resume. I tried to print it. For some reason, it won’t print at all. Maybe, I need a new copy machine.

2:48 PM - Miguel went to get some aqua for us.

I reinstalled the disk on the computer. I tried to print again. This time, it said, “could not start print job.” I turned off the TV at 3 PM. Now, the print symbol is gone. It only have the STUPID FAX! Hello, I don’t want the damn fax. I want the print! I have no ideal of why the copy machine won’t work. I have never had the problems with it before.

3:30 PM - Miguel came home with the groceries and the water. I told him the resume didn’t print. We may have to print at the library. It sure look like I need a new copy machine. I checked the mail; all junk. It started to rain again.

Miguel gave me apple and orange slices on a plate. I didn’t eat it all. It was too much. I only ate the apple and two orange slices. I will eat the orange later.

4:15 PM - Miguel turned on the TV for Reba on KTLA 5.

4:50 PM - I finally fixed the copy machine. It took me a while thou. I did the system recovery on the old computer first, then I reinstalled the disk on the computer, then I hooked up the copy machine.

I made a copy of the resume. It didn’t turned out that great. I need new black ink. I looked for the ink on top. Miguel mentioned it was behind the dog. Yes, I found it. I put the new ink in the copy machine. I made another copy. This time, the resume looked perfect. Then again, I need to move the resume up on the paper. I fixed the resume. I made a copy. Miguel was very pleased with the new resume. We did a great job.

5 PM - King Of The Hill on FOX 11.

5:30 PM - Andy Griffith on KDOC 56.

6 PM - Cheers on KDOC 56.

Miguel made another cake. HE cracked some eggs. One of them was double yolk. That is our third double yolk.

Miguel explained the cart rolled over by the lump of tree at the sidewalk. The food got out and he left it behind. A guy yelled for him. “You forgot your food, slut!” Really, a guy was getting out of the car. Miguel picked up the food. That nice guy offered him a ride home. He declined the ride. The guy explained he was going that way too.

Miguel won’t tell me anything any more. He claimed I distorted the truth on the web.

7 PM - Frasier on KDOC 56.

Miguel heated up the chicken soup from yesterday.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune on ABC 7.

We ate the chicken soup and some toast. The soup was pretty good.

8 PM - Ugly Betty on ABC. We watched it together on the couch. We haven’t watch that show in a few months.

9 PM - Mork & Mindy on KDOC 56.

Miguel washed the dishes.

9:30 PM - Miguel took a shower. I turned off the TV. I watched some videos.

10:35 PM - Miguel wanted me to take a shower. We could leave early in the morning. I went in the restroom. He was clipping his toes nails. I told him I don’t want to go out tomorrow. I still have the nasty cold. It will be cold tomorrow. Most of all, we will have more rain too. I don’t want to make the cold worst or get another flu. I had the flu this past weekend. Then, I got this nasty cold. Therefore, I am staying home tomorrow. Also, I don’t want to miss my favourite soap, EastEnders!

11 PM - I gave Miguel the controls. He put it on The Simpsons on FOX 11. It was coming on soon. I told him to put it on CW 5 for Friends. Miguel wanted to watch Diff’rent Strokes. I didn’t want to watch that show. I won’t watch it. I am too busy on the computer. Maybe, we watch Diff’rent Strokes tomorrow or tonight.

Midnight - Married…With Children on FOX 11.

Time for bed time. I still have the cold. The cold is acting up again. Good night!

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