Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008 october 25, saturday

6:17 AM - I woke up. I took a long whist. I jumped back into bed. I couldn't go back to sleep.

6:57 AM - I got up from bed. I went online.

7:23 AM - Two days ago, The Smurfs turned 50 year old! A new Smurf movie will be coming out soon. Also, a new TV show too.

I grew up with The Smurfs in the 1980's. I watched that show all the time on Saturday mornings on NBC. Recently, the first season came out on DVD. I won't get it thou. They split the seasons into volumes! I really hate that. I love the seasons DVD much better.

I went to Deadline Hollywood site. I came across a video. Funny spoof of "Wassup" to show support of Obama. You will enjoy it.

8 AM - cheerios breakfast.

9:18 AM - coollike Just about to get my head shaved again so that I can get rid of the red!

coollike Red be gone:

I need to wash the dishes again. I better take out the trash too. I have uneaten food on the counter over three days now. Miguel brought the food Wednesday night. I haven't touch that food. It looks pretty gross. My place is turning into a stink bomb! LOL.

11 AM - coollike Live on Liveawesomeguys: :D

I went to his LIVE show on blogtv. Really, it is five awesome guys LIVE show. Charlie is first. Nerimon is next. I was in the main room. I heard echos and echos. I closed the page. I went back to the show. Sadly, I ended up in the waiting room!

11:27 AM - I learned that someone else have the echos in the room. She closed it five times.

11:35 AM - Charlie ended his potion of his LIVE show! Up next is Nerimon! I may not stick around for his show. I may do my hair right now. Do a quick video of before, than after. Also, some pictures too.

11:39 AM - Nerimon haven't show up yet.

11:40 AM - I refreshed the page. Nerimon is on!

11:57 AM - Dear lord! There are real MAGGOTS in the uneaten food from wednesday. GROSS! It's time to take out the trash. It's makes me sick. I even made a video too! LOL

I took out the trash and found this funny tweet.

TheDisneyBlog I'm getting followed by a lot of people who haven't twittered anything. Engage me and I'll check you out when you've posted a bit more

scareykatt @TheDisneyBlog check out my LAST tweet. it is very gross that I almost throw up!

12:04 PM - I upload the video on the computer. I edited it.

12:12 PM - I put maggots & uneaten food video on this blog.

maggots & uneaten food

12:18 PM - TheDisneyBlog @scareykatt Sounds like a scene from Lost Boys

scareykatt @TheDisneyBlog u can have the maggots and the uneaten food! Gimmie the lost boys instead! LOL Have u ever see the lost boys sequel?

12:43 PM - I put the video on youtube. I saw a video called maggot medicine. It was pretty gross to watch that video too. A doctor use maggots to clean out this wound. Man, I couldn't do that.

1:33 PM - I saw Lizzy's video. She made good points about father's rights and abortion. I made a video response to her video.

If the man wants the baby, he should be ALLOW to have a say for the unborn baby.
After all, he made the baby with the woman.
I felt that she does not have the right to take away his father's rights.
Why kill his chances to be a father?
The baby is the innocense victim too.

2:15 PM - I uploaded father's rights & unborn baby on youtube.

3:15 PM - A private message on twitter.

thesmiths1013 Hi, its thesmiths1013, are you doing okay? heard from Miguel? I wanted to give you my email address.

Sorry, folks! Her private email will REMAIN private. LOL

thesmiths1013 Thanx, sweetie. I'm doing much better now. I don't feel that guilty. I haven't seen Miguel since thursday morning.

3:32 PM - Okay! It's getting late. I better do my hair and beard right now.

See u in a little while. laters.

I took some pictures. Now, a before video! LOL

3:47 PM - I took the before video. I won't add it to the blog just yet. I want to combined before and after videos together.

4:22 PM - I cut off my beard.

bye bye beard

4:52 PM - I finished the shower. I haven't shave yet. I will relax for a little while.

5:50 PM - I checked out madrosed's blog tv page. Thankfully, their show starts in another hour. I have time to shave and make the after video!

5:55 PM - Shaving right now.

6:18 PM - I finished shaving! I cut myself a few times. I always do that! LOL.

6:24 PM - nerimon is considering selling his iMac and MacBook Air to buy a new MacBook, so he just has the one machine ... thoughts?

scareykatt @nerimon Four computers here! two laptops and two PC!

nerimon @scareykatt that's not advice! That doesn't help! :p

scareykatt @nerimon ROFL. you thought two computers were enough! Try four computers. There are some programs that doesn't work for some computers. hehe

6:49 PM - I took the after video. I burped in this one. I didn't want to redo the video again. EXCUSE ME for burping! LOL.

haircut before & after

7 PM - madrosed's blogtv. Maddie and Janet was very entertaining in the Halloween costumes. It was a great show tonight.

8:40 PM - Madrosed ended the show. They supposed to end it at 8:30, but they were having too much time. They added extra ten minutes.

9:39 PM - I responded to a message on vloggerheads.

Comment by KimOsh on Saturday, October 25, 2008 9:35:50 PM

why do you have your address listed in the location. you realize that's dangerous, right?

Comment by scareykatt on Saturday, October 25, 2008 9:39:44 PM

I'm not worry about it.

Hopefully, I would be moving soon.

I won't answer the door unless I know my friends are coming over.

I won't answer the phone either. I screen all calls.

10:35 PM - I can't stay up. I'm getting very sleepy. I would go to bed soon.

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