Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Youtube & Little People

youtube & little people

Today is October 8, 2008, Wednesday.

I was suspended from youtube on September 8, 2008, Monday

Fastest Video Ever is the video.

It contains NO voilence, abuse, hateful, sexually explicit content, spam and such.

I sent them FOURTEEN emails within a month.

For some reason, youtube have NOT reply back.


It does NOT take one month to hear back from youtube.

A big youtube star, SMOSH, was suspended on July 30, 2008.

Lots of people made videos about Smosh's suspension that same evening.

"You really can't draw attention to an issue until it happen to someone famous." - Renetto.

Smosh even made a video about it too.

The video was Smosh Got Suspended from Youtube?!?

The very next day, Smosh was no longer suspended!

"Our Smosh profile is back now! Thanks to YouTube for the quick response! Enjoy this small piece of 'Smosh history'." - IanH.

It have been one FULL month since I sent them the first email about my suspension.

Hmm, that tells me that youtube DOES NOT care about the little people at all.


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