Friday, October 10, 2008

10 October 2008, Friday

4:47 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I jumped back into bed. I couldn't sleep. My mind wandered elsewhere, mostly about Miguel.

5:57 AM - I put on my clothes. I went online.

6:08 AM - I started today's journal entry. DAMN! I still need to do the damn word verification. I guessed 24 hours have NOT pass yet. When it does, I will do Earth Journal once again!

6:16 AM - Time to take a shower. I really stink like a piggy! Oink! Oink!

6:46 AM - I'm done with the shower. I'm freshly clean! I opened the door for the cool air to come in.

9 AM - Miguel showed up. I went outside. Gaberial was taking out the trash. We both say hi to each other. I let Miguel in the gate. Miguel say hi to him too. We went into my place.

He is running late. He supposed to see Leah at 10.

Miguel gave me his new work schedule. He is off tonight. You know that mean! He will get D R U N K! He works from 11 PM to 5 AM this week.

Miguel called Mike for a little while.

Miguel mentioned I need to take shower. Huh? Another shower? I already took one after 6 AM. I do NOT stink that badly. I mostly was online during the whole time. Yet, I stunk once again. How could it be?

shower again?

9:19 AM - Miguel left! Thank God! I won't have to put up with his STUPID crap!

10:54 AM - Hooray! The word verification is gone! 24 hours had passed!

I started Earth Journal again, starting with September 2003.

12:26 PM - Damn! I finally finished September 2003. There were 46 posts. It took me aobut 90 minutes. Next one is October 2003.

12:30 PM - Octobere 2003!

I listened to the music on youtube!

12:35 PM - The damn word verification is back! DAMN!

1:30 PM - Forget about the journal! With the damn word verification, it is taking a long ass time. It took me ONE HOUR for October 2003 with 38 posts.

I need a break! I turned on the TV for Days Of Our Lives. I haven't watch that soap in a while.

Sami talked to her parents, Marlena & Roman, about her "pregnancy." She thanked them for helping her out. She mentioned that he must be told. Sami left. They were still clueless about it. Marlena place her bet on EJ, the one Sami loves. Roman thought it was Lucas.

At the end of the episode, John convinced Nicole to tell EJ about HER pregnancy. EJ walked in the room and wants to know what they talked about. Nicole thought it wasn't that important. John thinks it is. Sami walked into the house, ready to tell EJ about HER pregnancy. Yes, the door was NOT close. Sami was about to walk through the door. Nicole spill the beans! Sami couldn't believe it, nor EJ.

That was a great cliffhanger for Friday!

2:10 PM - The video titles once again!

2:35 PM - Miguel called. Everything is a go for the papers. He just left the building.

4:07 PM - DAMN! Where's Miguel? He haven't show up yet. It doesn't take that long to come to my place from downtown. Let me guess! Miguel is getting DRUNK again! You know what that means. I would wait at the right moment to kick him out. First, I want to get my bag from him. I know he may lose the bag out in the street, just like his black bag.

4:30 PM - Like always, Miguel showed up DRUNK! I know that damn alcoholic quite well.

Miguel slept most of the evening. He got up once to use the restroom. I added the titles to some videos. I'm at 366.

10 PM - I can't remain awake. This past hour, I wanted to fall asleep. now, I will brush my teeth and jump into bed. Hopefully, a good night sleep.

10:10 PM - good night!

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