Saturday, October 18, 2008

2008 october 18, saturday

6 AM - I woke up.

I was online for a little while. I came across a tweet from Toddly00.

Toddly00 w000000 gathering today....should be fun. . . .only 15 hours to go.

I went to his page. I saw another tweet of his.

New video up about the Hollywood Meetup

OMG! Todd made an video!

I saw the video . The time changed from 2 PM to 3 PM.

Of course, I left a message on his video.

I found out about this hollywood gathering few minutes ago.

I even sent u a tweet about it last week and you NEVER EVER respond to the tweet.

I learned about it from Davedays on twitter.

If my plans change before NOON, I will be there.

6:38 AM - Hmm, I should take a shower right now. I hoped Miguel doesn't call me during the shower. He supposed to come over today.

BRB. Shower time!

7:05 AM - I got out of the shower! YEAH! I'm ready for Miguel OR the Hollywood gathering with Toddly00.

7:35 AM - I added this is MY life video to bagmis. The video really sums up Miguel and my life together.

Also, there is a new description for bagmis. Hopefully, some people can relate to the videos AND get something out of the videos too.

I am trying to reach out for help with my videos.

I want people to see FIRST HAND in the videos and to understand the effects that the alcohol is destroying OUR LIFE together - mine and his.

This is about getting help we both need for OUR addiction.

The videos are a plead for help with OUR LIFES.

7:52 AM - Damn! I realized I made a HUGE mistake with Toddly00. I mentioned that davedays told me about the hollywood gathering. Really, it was daveyboyz! Oops!

daveyboyz and davedays are too similiar!

Sorry about that, daveyboyz and toddly00!

8 AM - I sent Toddly00 a quick tweet about the mess up. I hoped he sees it!

scareykatt @Toddly00 I realized I made a HUGE mistake with u. I mentioned that davedays told me about the gathering. Really, it was daveyboyz! Oops!

8:10 AM - Breakfast time, Cheerios!

Oops, I didn't have breakfast. I ended up doing something else. I put this blog's link in all bagmis's videos.

8:31 AM - Miguel called me! He sounded so damn drunk on the phone. He wants to come over.

I wasn't NAKED in the video. I had some sweats on. I tried to find a shirt in the closet.

2008 october 18, saturday

8:45 AM - I'm done with the link for bagmis. All videos have the link.

8:55 AM - I'm getting very hungry. I will wait till Miguel gets here. Maybe, have breakfast before he gets here!

9 AM - Miguel haven't show up yet. Yes, I know it have been 30 minutes since the phone call. He may not show up after all. I can't wait any longer for breakfast. It's time to eat!

9:15 AM - I'm done with the cheerios! My stomach is completely satisfied!

10:15 AM - Miguel haven't show up yet. Once again, I was STOOD up! He must be passed out at the hotel. I won't wait for Miguel. I'm planning of going to the Hollywood Gathering. I won't waste my day waiting for a drunk to show up.

10:40 AM - Miguel have till 2 PM to show up. Yes, I know I mentioned I won't wasting my day. The truth is I'm not going anywhere till 2 PM. I might as well wait for Miguel during that time. I may watch a DVD or play diablo 2.

10:46 AM - I turned off the fan. I was getting cold.

10:50 AM - I decided to play diablo 2. You couldn't keep me away from HELL! lol

11:48 AM - I played with the OTHER diablo 2!

11:50 AM - There is no sign of Miguel.

12:35 PM - Miguel finally called me from Lucy's. He was getting me some fruit. I stopped playing diablo 2. I'm just waiting for Miguel.

2008 october 18, saturday #1

12:50 PM
- Miguel showed up very drunk with some fruit and hot dogs. I used #2 in the restroom while I played chess. Miguel had trouble putting mustard on his hot dog. I heard him listening to the phone messages. I finished using the restroom. I showed him I was BLEEDING. He was worried about it. He fix me some mango to eat.

2008 october 18, saturday #2

I mentioned he need to take a shower. He smelt badly. I tried to look for some underwear for him in the closet. No luck! He took all the underwear last week. He hasn't any clothes, except some socks and few shirts.

Miguel took his bag with him to the restroom. He knows I may took the money from him. And I want to look for the ALCOHOL bottle too. He must have one in the bag. I know him pretty good. I went after him to get the bag. He refused to give me it. He closed the door. I heard the water running for some time. I opened the door. He looked at his bag on the floor. I told him to turn off the water. He closed the door on me. I opened the door, barely. He was against the door. I told him to turn off the water! I went back to the desk. He opened the door and yelled LEAVE ME ALONE two time. He closed the door.

1:16 PM - He jumped into the shower.

1:24 PM - He finished his shower. He turned on the water for a little while.

1:27 PM - Miguel went out of the restroom and put the bag on the couch. He turned off the restroom light.

"Are you going to look for my underwear?" He asked.

"You can look. You know where they are," I said.

I gave him some shorts. Instead, he found his blue shorts in the closet. He put on his shorts. He showed me his bare ass. I didn't pay any attention to him or his ass.

"You don't like me any more. Am I that bad looking? Please tell me the the truth."

I turned on the cam. "I don't like what you become this past few years. You do not care about your life any more. And I want no part of it."

Miguel broke down and cry that no one likes him! We talked 24 minutes. Please see the long ass video below!

2008 october 18, saturday #3

3 PM - Damn! For the second time in a year, I missed a Hollywood Gathering. It's starting right now. The first time, I came down with a flu. I wasn't able to go. This time, well, you know! Miguel showed up DRUNK!

3:25 PM - I realized another mistake. I named a video wrong. It supposed to be #3, not #2. I got to edit #2, there are some nudity on Miguel's behalf. Then, put it on the blog.

4:08 PM - Miguel woke up during I washed the dishes. He went to the restroom.

4: 17 PM - I checked on Miguel. He was there for a long time. He was laying on the floor. Once again, the camcorder! I told him to get off the floor. He got on his knees, not for that! LOL. I got him a clean shirt. I grabbed a blanket from the storage and put it on the couch. I took off his shorts. He took off the pee shirt. I helped him to take it off. I told him to go back to the couch. He fell asleep again.

4:30 PM - Personally, Miguel may spend the night again. You know what that means. Another sleepless night!

5:35 PM - I checked the mail. My new driver's license came today! Wow! That was quick! I paid for it online. I didn't have to go into a DMV office.

Miguel got something from Los Angeles Hotel-Restuarant Employer-Union Welfare Fund. I have no ideal what that is, but Miguel doesn't need it. He lost his job this past week.

6:03 PM - I went to Vons for milk and bread.

6:47 PM - I came back. The apartment is a OVEN! It's very cool outside. It's too bad I can't open the door. Miguel is bottomless! Oh, my!

6:54 PM - I turned off the fan and turned on the AC.

6:56 PM - I got a awesome comment from Just Josh Funk! That is the best thing that happen today.

Hey! Thank you so much for the shout-out! It's been great getting to know you over the past few months through comments and your videos. I was excited to come across your blog recently. Hope you have a great weekend. Talk to ya soon!


7 PM - I put away the dishes and finished off the dirty dishes. I normally let the dishes to sit in the hot water for an hour, then wash them. They can soak in the hot water.

7:05 PM - Pineapple for supper!

7:35 PM - It took me thirty minutes to eat the God awful pineapple. It wasn't that good. It had a sour taste! Yuck! I like sweet pineapple the best.

7:39 PM - Wil Wheaton's tweet made me laugh.

wilw OH: "I'm sitting here with two hot chicks." - A rather drunk guy, on his cell phone, who, contrary to his assertion, is not.

I sent him a funny one, but he won't get the joke!

scareykatt @wilw that's where the FUCKING drunk come from. You sent him on his way to me! How could u! I won't watch another movie of yours AGAIN! ROFL

8 PM - Miguel woke up. He mentioned he ate some food.

"Do you mind?"

No, why should I mind? It's right for someone to starve. I do what I can do with my friends no matter what the situation is. At least, I try to.

He used the restroom. I mentioned I brought some milk for us. He was very happy about that. He loves to drink milk. He finished his hot dog. I opened the milk and poured him some milk. He saw my mail. I told him that I got the new driver's license today. I haven't open it up yet.

Miguel asked for permission to sleep on the couch and stay for the night. Yes, on both accounts.

"What to watch some tv?" I asked.

"No," Miguel quickly changed his mind.

"What do u want to see?" I asked.

"Pick something out," he said.

"What about The Golden Girls?" I asked.

"YES! YES!" he said. The Golden Girls is OUR favourite show.

8:20 PM- I'm going to see in the chair and watch The Golden Girls with Miguel. See you in a golden moment!

Miguel wanted to watch the show in bed wiht me. Yeah, Fluffy was there. After a while, Miguel fell asleep during the show.

9:38 PM - I turned off the AC. I typed this part in the blog as I continued watching the show.

9:51 PM - I finished the second disk of season fifth. Gonna to take a break from The Golden Girls. I hate watching the same show all day long. Five eipsodes is good enough for one evening.

9:54 PM - Brush my teeth.

10 PM - I watched one episode of Pinky & The Brain.

10:25 PM - Bed time. I was falling asleep. Good night.

10:30 PM - No matter how hard I try the couch, I couldn't do it. I reclaimed my bed and kicked Miguel back to the couch. He was thirsty for some water. He got a bottle. He drank some. He laid down on the couch.

I was doing this blog. Miguel sat up on the couch. I turned around and looked at him.

"What?" I asked.

"Why everyone hates me?" He asked.

I didn't want to answer that question. He laid down again and sleep.

10:42 PM - I turned off the light. I turned on the fan high. A while later, I heard Miguel whispering about something. Miguel grabbed Fluffy from the couch and sat down on the white couch. He drank some water.

He put Fluffy back on the red couch. He looked at his bag. He asked about his bus pass. I told him in the pants. He believed he have everything in his bag. He mentioned his clothes was outside of the hotel. I told him to call the lady. He mentioned that she doesn't care. I told him to call the lady. We can pick up his clothes in the morning.

Miguel slowly walked to the restroom. He turned around and thanked me for letting his stay! Oh, brother! What have I got myself into? Miguel believed he can stay with me. I need to set him STRAIGHT! Not that kind of sexual straight! LOL. I need to talk to him about it in the morning.

Miguel come out of the restroom. He sat on the couch. He grabbed his shoes. He put them on the ground. He laid down on the couch.

There is something I'm curious about his clothes. I thought the hotel need to hold his clothes for three days till someone pick them up. Miguel told me that she left his clothes OUTSIDE! I need to look into it.

Miguel mentioned he brought me some mango. He told me that lots of times today. Hmm, broken record. There are many things to write about that I can't remember. Thank God for the webcam. Yes, another long ass video below!

2008 october 18, saturday #4

Miguel mentioned he have a meeting about his job on Tuesday, October 21 at 1 PM. I offered to go with him. Miguel really need some backup. Well, in my case, I will tell them the COMPLETE TRUTH. Miguel's life is out of control; he is an alcoholic. Maybe, the management could set something up for rehab and him. If no one could put in the straight and narrow, life will continue to get worst for him. Yes, I know that it is REALLY up to him to get the help he needs.

Miguel wants to stay with me till his meeting!

11:45 PM - I can't go to bed, just yet. This long ass video for the blog is taking FOREVER to upload. I started about ten minutes ago. Then, I have to wait it to PROCESS. That alone will probably take over 30 minutes. The video is 29 minutes long.

10:48 PM - The video was done uploading. Now, processing time!

12:20 AM - I crashed on the bed! Good night!

12:36 AM - A noise woke me up. It was good ole Miguel! He came out of the restroom. He was so worried about his clothes. I told him to call the hotel. For crying out loud, he does NOT know the name of the hotel AND he does NOT know their phone number either. Say what!?! He was there for a whole week. He want to go back to get his clothes from the hotel at THIS TIME of night! Hell, no! I won't go! Sorry, I won't go out this late. Besides, the bus doesn't run that often at night. Most buses run once an hour. Forget that! It's best to go first thing in the morning.

I pleaded with him this afternoon to get his stuff. That's a promise! He didn't want to. Now, he is concerned that someone may STEAL his clothes. He should have think of that beforehand.

He mentioned that he should have brought the clothes with him when he came over this afternoon. Hello! AFTERNOON! Man, he got to be kidding me! Afternoon?? What the hell happen to this morning?

He called me about 8:30 AM, wanting to come over! Guess what, guys! He did NOT.....I repeat......DID NOT come over in the morning. I waited and waited and waited all morning long. He did not show up. He did not call me either!

Miguel called me at 12:35 PM from Lucy's! Hello! That was FOUR FUCKING HOURS right there! Once again, Miguel showed up DRUNK! I pleaded with him to get his clothes this afternoon.

Enough ranting.

Miguel began to look for his money. He hide it from me. Hmm, I wondered why? LOL. I don't have to tell you. You already know. I mentioned he don't need the money. He forget where he put his money. Well, the money is in a very SAFE place, thanx to me. He asked me. I tried my best to play it off. If I play poker, I will lose every single time. I don't have a poker face! He asked me again. Well, I couldn't keep a straight face. I was grinning with a BIG smile. He knew that moment I have the money! He mentioned he knew me so well! Likewise, Miguel!

He wanted me to go with him. I refused for the upteenth time. I would rather to stay home and SLEEP! We could pick up his clothes in the morning. He thought that someone will steal his clothes RIGHT NOW! Hello! His clothes may NOT be at the hotel. This afternoon, Miguel told me that she put his clothes out in the morning. Now, it was past 12 midnight! Hello! That was over FOURTEEN hours right there. By now, his clothes may not be there at this time of night in the street! It doesn't make any sense to go out at night.

2008 october 18, saturday #5

1 AM - Miguel left.

1:29 AM - The video was uploading. Once again, I can't go to bed. I need to wait after the video is process.

1:30 AM - The video is processing. After that, BED TIME!

1:49 AM - The video is still processing.

1:50 AM - The video was done processing! Man, it took twenty minutes to process a video!

1:55 AM - Bed time again!

3:06 AM - Miguel called me from 7/11. They didn't have the clothes. The night worker doesn't know about it. She told him to come back in the morning.

I used the restroom. I waited for Miguel outside. He was nowhere in sight. Few moments later, I saw Miguel turned the corner and walk up the street. I noticed he had something with him. I opened the gate. We went in the apartment.

Miguel mentioned the coat and the fan was only left. He didn't want to bring the fan. The hotel room was hot; he brought a cheap fan at Rite Aid. He cried that he lost EVERYTHING!

"And the papers too?" I asked.

Miguel freaked out. He got down on his kness and reached for the grey container. He realized that he left the papers in the locket at his work. Miguel praised and thanked God.

He need to buy more underwear and everthing; he only have the dirty underwear in the laundry basket.

3:33 AM - Once again, good night. sweet dreams!

4 AM - Miguel turned on the light. The pain was back.

4:25 AM - I woke up again. He still had the pain. He jumped up from the couch and race to the restroom. I heard him throw up for a while.

4:30 AM - He mentioned the milk made him to threw up. Should I believe him? All I can say...not a likely story. It must got to do with the alcohol. He was pretty drunk.

He felt like dying. He told me to tell the doctor that he wants to be cremated. Me too! He mentioned that I can't tell his family about his death. To tell the truth. I really can't do that. It doesn't feel right to keep something so big from them. Once again, he mentioned not to forget about being cremated.

Good night.

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