Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 october 20, monday

5:30 AM - I woke up. Miguel was ALREADY watching the TV with the headphones.

7 AM - I finally got up from the bed. I wasn't able to sleep. It was too hot. I used the restroom. I sat down at the desk.

7:20 PM - I saw the pop up. I have a message on vloggerheads about This Past Week.

I think you are a very big part of his life.. simply by posting this. I hope all works out for you two for the best. - William

The only way to work it out...Miguel MUST want help with his drinking problem.
Right now, Miguel does NOT want help.
Trust me, I have been down this road over a million of times.
Tomorrow, I will send him on his way.
I promised him that he could stay till Tuesday, October 21, 2008.

Then, he will be on his own, HOMELESS AGAIN!

7:26 AM - Miguel came up and put his hands on me. He used the restroom.

7:29 AM - Miguel grabbed a cupcake. I mentioned I wanted one. He gave me his.

"One cupcake? Just one cupcake? I don't want one for breakfast," I said. I took a bite.

"Do you want a slice?" He asked.

"No," I said. He got himself another.

"I made them. Yes, I did. I did!" He ate the cupcake. He turned off the light. He watched TV.

Miguel fell asleep again.

8 AM - Miguel's October 21 meeting have been on my mind. I decided I will be at the meeting too whether they like it or not. Why should I be there? Hmm! For starters, it got to do with me too. After all, it is OUR LIFES - mine and his. I want to be there on his behalf. I want to help Miguel AND I want to help his employer too.

If I'm not there, I know Miguel will lie and lie to get his job back. Darling, I can't let it happen. I MUST BE THERE! I will tell them the fucking truth unless I have to. Like the bible said, the truth will set you free.

If the employers fall for the lies once again or they fire him WITHOUT knowing the truth, Miguel will continue on the path to destructive.

By the end of the meeting, there will be TWO ultimatums. One from the employer. One from me.

8:39 AM - Miguel woke up. He put the headphones away. He turned off the TV. He went back to sleep.

9 AM - One cupcake didn't do it for my breakfast 90 minutes ago. I got a slice of cake and some milk. I used the restroom.

I said a little prayer to God in the restroom. "God, I don't ask you for much. Please let me to be at the meeting. You know my reason. You read the 8 AM entry. Also, give the word I can't smell. Give me a sign too."

Hopefully, the word can be the sign from God. I sat at the desk. I typed in ultomative in yahoo search. Yes, that is not the word. It is a start thou! LOL. I saw Did you mean: ultimative . I clicked on the word. Hmm, more searches from yahoo.

I got a bright ideal. I copy and pasted ultimative. I search on MSN Encarta. All these years, Encarta is very useful for me. I am NOT a good speller. Encarta give me the right spelling of the word. I searched ultimative. Three words came up - estimative, ultimate and ultimata. I clicked on ultimata. I'm on the right direction. Ultimata is the plural word of ultimatum. I clicked on ultimatum. I got myself a WINNER! Yeah for me! Ultimatum is the WORD!


ul·ti·ma·tum [ ùltə máytəm ] (plural ul·ti·ma·tums or ul·ti·ma·ta [ ùltə máytə ])

final demand: a demand accompanied by a threat to inflict some penalty if the demand is not met

Thank God for the internet and Encarta!

9:30 AM - Twitter time!

1) Buck Hollywood

buckhollywood Just woke up but I was up filming till 2am so I deserve to sleep till 9:30am! HA! Gonna shower and warm up my horse voice

scareykatt @buckhollywood horse voice? OMG! I didn't know you turned into MR ED. A horse is a horse, of course, of course

2) daveyboyz

daveyboyz United Airlines do it again.. with a DRUNK PILOT in control??

scareykatt @daveyboyz If I was you, Davey...i will get all the passangers together and sue the fucking airline! all your LIFES was in grave danger!

10:02 AM - daveyboyz reposted the same tweet.

10:06 AM - scareykatt @daveyboyz I read your blog. i think u mentioned u was on the same airplane. get the passengers together and sue the airline.

I looked at his blog again. I clicked on the link. I read the story. The police arrested the pilot before he fly the plane. That's good to know.

10:11 AM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom. I got another slice. The cake is the good.

10:16 AM - Miguel noticed I was eating a slice.

"Is it good?"

"Yes." I offered him a bite.

"I don't want it. I still have my milk."

10:18 AM - Miguel turned on the TV. Miguel asked what's on. I said nothing. He said today is Monday. I looked at the tv guide. I said matlock, the view. He said no. I said matlock.

11 AM - ABC 7 news with Miguel.

11:17 AM - I fell asleep.

11:41 AM - I woke up. Miguel washed the dishes. I walked up to him, very slowly. He got scared. He didn't know I was awake.

"Did I wake you up?" He asked.

"No," I said.

I used the restroom. I put up the pans.

"Did you rinse the bottle?" He asked.

"Yes," I said. I sat at the desk.

11:49 AM - He finished the dishes. He cleaned the top of the oven.

11:51 AM - Miguel coughed.

"Are you okay?"


He cleaned the kitchen sink with Ajax.

"What time is it?" He asked.

"11:51," I said.

11:55 AM - He finished the sink. He used Lysol wipes on the counter.

Noon - I changed the channel to I Love Lucy on KCOP 13. Miguel put some water in the tall water bottle. He ate a piece of pineapple. He sat on the couch. We watched Lucy. He finished off the Cracker Jacks popcorn.

12:05 PM - He tossed the Cracker Jacks bag in the trash. He washed his hands. He got a cup of water.

12:06 PM - He sat down on the couch. He blew his nose. He laid down on the couch.

12:08 PM - I went back to bed.

12:33 PM - "Are you hungry?" He asked.

"Yes. When are you cooking?"

"After this show, I will cook the pasta."

I used the restroom.

12:36 PM - I went back to bed.

12:59 PM - Miguel changed it to Days Of Our Lives on NBC. He started to cook pasta.

"Do you want the four cheese or tomato basil garlic?" He asked.

"I don't mind. You are the cook," I said.

I opened the cabinet for the names of the sause. Miguel couldn't open up the jar. Me either. I tried to use the knife. Miguel suggested the towel. I used it. No luck either. I am such a weakling. LOL. I sat at the desk, watching Days. I heard Sami and Nicole fighting. EJ was the referee. Nicole believed Sami was lying about the dead guy and the gunman. EJ believed Sami; she was very scared.

Miguel told me to open up the jar. He made it easier. He poked the knife on the top. I opened it. Miguel put it in the pot.

1:08 PM - Miguel laid down the couch for a little while. He put the pasta in the hot water. Miguel wondered about Sami, Nicole and EJ. I told him that Sami was seeing Lucas and EJ & Nicole got involved. Miguel asked about Nicole's real life husband. Brady was on another soap, The Bold & The Beautiful.

Miguel put freshly pack of pasta in the container.

1:20 PM - "Are you ready to eat?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. Miguel put the pot on the oven.

"He have pasta on the side of the pot," I said. He ate the pasta from the side.

1:22 PM - He fixed us some plates.

"Where are you eating?"

"At the table with u," I said.

1:23 PM - I got the other table from under the couch for him.

1:25 PM - Miguel checked the phone messages. He heard the court thing. He wondered if it's for him or me. I told him to delete it. He mentioned I have to go to court. I explained I didn't recieve the papers; I don't have to worry about it. Also, the lady said on the message that if I didn't get the papers, I can disregard the message.

1:51 PM - I took out the trash.

2 PM - Judge David Young on KCOP 13.

2:05 PM - I put the trash bag in the trashcan.

2:07 PM - I laid down on the bed.

2:18 PM - KCOP kept on messing up.

"Do you want to watch a movie or TV show?" I asked.

"TV show," He said.

"Pick out the TV show," I said.

"You pick it. You are closer," He said.

"Green Acres," I said.

"Yes," he said.


"You said Green Arces."

"I'm throwing out some names. Planet Of The Apes. What's Happening. Taxi."

I grabbed the first season of Green Acres. I sat at the desk, waiting David Young to be over.

"Fix the TV?" I moved the attenda around. I sat down again. KCOP seems okay.

2:30 PM - Green Acres.

"You are on TV. Piggy is on the TV," Miguel laughed

"No. That's you," I continued, grabbed the DVD box, "See. This is you." I opened the box. "There u are again!"

2:35 PM - "Is this the first episode?" Miguel asked.

"Yes," I said.

"What year?"


2:38 PM - I laid in the bed.

3:33 PM - I was too hot. I turned on the AC.

3:52 PM - We only watched three episodes of Green Acres. It's time for something else.

"Is the lemonade is too sweet?" He asked.

"No. There is no sugar," I said.

He put some in a glass. He was impressed.

"I like it. No sugar. You won't get fat," He patted my stomach.

3:57 PM - He got a carrot from the icebox.

"Okay. I'm ready," He laid on the couch.

I looked at him. I pointed at the kitchen. He knew what I mean. He turned off the light. HE laid on the couch again.

3:59 PM - I played The Dukes Of Hazzard.

"He was on Family Feud. The one in the blue," He said.

"Luke," I said.

6:26 PM - 3 episodes of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

6:30 PM - Roseanne

6:59 PM - "Do you want a salad for supper?" Miguel asked.

"Okay," I said.

He used the resroom. He turned on the light.

"Where's your slippers?" He asked.

"I don't know," I said.

He looked in the closet. I looked under the white couch and the bed. He suggested the red couch. I looked there. I found them. He wore the slippers.

"Do you want some corn?" He asked.

"A salad will be fine," I said.

"Green beans?" he asked.

"A salad," I said.

He stuck his tongue at me. He fixed the salad.

7:20 PM - Time to eat the salad!

7:35 PM - We had enough time to watch another episode of Roseanne.

8 PM - Dancing With The Stars on ABC.

8:14 PM - Miguel really believed the court message is for him. He already deleted the message. I know he listened to it on Saturday. Yes, I taped him! He hates when I tapes him! He believes I do NOT respect him. Now, Miguel can NOT complain when I tape him. He can relax and not be stressful about the phone message. He could say I SAVE HIS ASS! hehe.

I tried to click on kattalien folder. It wouldn't come up. I told him I need to restart the computer.

"Don't worry about it," I said.

He got upset and stormed to the restroom.

"You don't understand. That's $70,000. Bankrupty," He screamed.

"Don't yell at me," I yelled.

I was this close of telling him off! He got himself to blame. He got into the mess all by himself. He went to the couch, cussing.

"Fuck! No one cares about me. You don't care about me," He said.

8:25 PM - I found the video - 2008 october 18, saturday #2. I came upon the right time. I told Miguel to mute the TV and shut up! I demanded him to come here. We both listened to the video.

"Are you happy? Now, you know. The message is not for you," I said.

Miguel laid down on the couch.

"Leave! You always say that," He said.

Saying 'leave' did NOT even cross my mind. Well, we agreed he could stay until October 21, 2008, Tuesday. Therefore, he MUST leave tomorrow. I have no ideal of where he is staying. It's no longer my concern.

"I taped you last saturday. Are you glad I taped you?" I asked.

8:30 PM - I told him to unmute the TV.

"Here. You can do it," He said.

I noticed it was on program. He accidentally put it there. I unmuted the TV. Damn! We missed Susan Lucci! I wanted to see her dance. She is another favourite actress I loved. I saw her on All Stars Family Feud yesterday. She mentioned her baby daughter, Liza. Today, Liza is married with her own kid. She was recently on Passions, the cancelled soap. Susan looked so beautiful as she did on Family Feud back in the day.

9:25 PM - I saw this awesome tweet from madrosed.

madrosed woo hoo - they just made us YouTube Partners!

scareykatt @madrosed congrats of being a YouTube partner. You guys DESERVED it!

9:30 PM - Samatha Who?

Hmm, they need to change the name to Samatha Hard of Hearing! Hello! There was no sound, except the music. We can't hear that actors talk!

9:35 PM - Miguel changed it KDOC 56. I told him to change it back. He did. He checked the other channels.

"2 is working. 4 is working. 5 is working," he said.

I turned around and showed him my two fives.

"TEN is working!" I laughed.

"9 is working," he said.

"Ten is still working!" I said, with the fists.

He watched the news for a little while.

"Change it back to 56. Get Smart!" I said.

9:50 PM - Brush my teeth.

9:55 PM - I used #2. I played Spades.

1o PM - The Twilight Zone on KDOC 56.

10:07 PM - I washed my hands. I finished Spades in bed.

10:35 PM - Miguel got a cup of water.

10:57 PM - I went to sleep after The Twilight Zone. Miguel continued to watch TV.

Good night.

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