Friday, October 31, 2008

2008 october 31, friday

Happy Halloween!

Don't stop by my place for candy. I won't have any.

6 am - woke up. i turned on the TV for KTLA Morning News.

10 am - The View. I was about the turn it off. Everyone dressed up at the presidents.

11 am - ABC 7 news.

Noon - I Love Lucy.

1 pm - Days Of Our Lives.

2 pm - Hawaii Five-O

3 pm - Oprah Winfrey.

3:30 pm - The rent

4 pm - Ellen

5 pm - King Of The Hill

I ate some shrimp for supper.

6 pm- Family Guy.

7 pm - Extra.

I ate some bread with butter.

7:30 pm - Access Hollywood

8 pm - WWE Smackdown! What could I say? Most wrestlers I don't even know. The last time I regular watch was in the late 90's with THE ROCK!

8:14 pm - I turned down the TV very low. It was boring. I didn't want to hear it till something big happen. I watched some videos instead.

8:56 pm - I completely turned off the TV. Now, I know why I stop watching wresting. It's still boring as hell!

9:10 pm - brush my teeth.

10 pm - KTLA 5 news

11 pm - The Simpsons

11:30 pm - TMZ

12 Midnight - That 70's Show.

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