Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Josh Funk

I read Just Josh Funk's new blog entry. He shared some pictures about his mother. Really, this is NOT about his mother.

I noticed Josh added my blog to his list. That was so sweet of him.

He first caught my attention on youtube over a year ago. I was looking at some travel videos. I came upon his moving videos with his boyfriend, Alan. The videos was very entertaining and funny. I remembered he stood on a big log on the ground in one video. They visited friends, family and places along the way to their new home in Philadelphia.

I looked at more videos. I was very impressed. This is a GREAT guy to know. No, make that TWO great guys.

Josh have a awesome personality, just like his lover. They have about three cats and a small dog.

Recently, Alan came out to his family. Alan's parents adores Josh very much. They get along marvelous.

In closing, they are moving to a new apartment this month, closer to work and school. I will travel with them in their videos, so to speak! LOL

I will leave you with the first video I saw of Josh and Alan; their moving journey to Philly.

Road Trip Across America!: Day 1


Just Josh Funk said...

Hey! Thank you so much for the shout-out! It's been great getting to know you over the past few months through comments and your videos. I was excited to come across your blog recently. Hope you have a great weekend. Talk to ya soon!


scareykatt said...

Your wonderful comment is the best thing that happen today.

Today is a tough day with the so called ex.

Miguel got it worst, thanx to his drinking.

Enough about that.

I looked forward to read your blog every day.

I won't have to be stressful that much.

have a great weekend.