Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 October 16, Thursday

6:07 AM - I woke up.

6:30 PM - I started today's entry. Whenever I do the Today's entry, I will update it throughout the day. Yes, guys! You need to COME BACK to this wonderful blog every hour on the hour. You may miss something BIG! LOL

My Today's plans is the bank. I need to put some money in the bank. It is getting very low. Maybe, go to Vons or the post office. I think I save the post office for tomorrow.

Okay, I will check my balance, then get ready to leave for the bank!

6:49 AM - Now, I'm wasting time. I better to get my ass in gear.

6:55 AM - Taking some videos of the clouds and the moon! The clouds are orange this early morning. You can see the moon quite clearly too.

7:08 AM - The videos turned out fagulous! I will put up the video when I return. Now, I have to get ready before it gets too late. It's best to do things early in the morning. Also, the air is very cool too.

7:20 AM - I'm off to neverneverland!

I ran into Ken outside of the apartment. We chatted for a while. He mentioned the beautiful sunrise. I showed him my video of the clouds. He like the video. He want to get a camcorder to film his dogs. He told me that one of the dogs died on Tuesday. He want another dog for a playmate for his only dog.

I took Bus 2 to Vermount/Sunset. I walked to the bank. I put the money in the bank. There was the first time I was at the bank since the takeover. No one was hardly there. The parking lot was empty. Then again, I was early. I left the bank. I felt like I didn't want to go home. It's such a lovely day to be out. I took the rapid to Santa Monica. Bus 4 came quickly. I went home.

8:15 AM - I got home. I left the front door open.

8:25 AM - I turned on the fan.

8:30 AM - I put the videos on the computer. I used wmv.

8:40 AM - I put orange clouds on this blog.

orange clouds

10 AM - The View

11: AM - ABC7 news.

NOON - I Love Lucy on KCOP.

The TV kept on messing up.

12:19 PM - The TV is finally fixed.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives on NBC.

2 PM - Judge David Young on KCOP.

I started to watch David with Miguel few months ago. David is very entertaining and camp! David is a judge that we have never seen before on TV. He is no Judge Judge. He is very compassioniate.

2:30 PM - Married With Children on KCOP.

2:39 PM - Miguel called to check on me. We were both doing fine. He is off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I told him he have some mail. He may come over tomorrow for his mail.

2008 october 16, thursday

3 PM - I turned off the TV. I turned it on again and off again! I was about to watch Judge Judy. Instead, I watched some videos.

I came upon a diablo 3 video on youtube. I went to Diablo 3 web site. Low and behold, they have a new character, wizard. She used to be the "sorcerer." For some reason, they changed the name. I think the sorcerer is a female. With the wizard, it can be a male and a female. I already KNOW what I'm going to be for Diablo 3.

I saw the wizard trailer on diablo 3 site. It was that good.

3:50 PM - I felt like playing diablo 2! I haven't play that game in a few months. Man, I missed that wonderful game thou. I can't play diablo 2 on the PC, only the laptop. It won't even install on the PC. That sucks!

I could get lost playing diablo 2. I can play that game and time will go by quickly into hours and days. I can't wait for diablo 3. It's going to be AWESOME!

I think I check on my characters in diablo 2. I know they are EXPIRED by now. The last time, I deleted the expired characters. I signed on with a new character. I learned from someone that I could STILL play the expired characters by clicking on them. Man, I was so angry at myself! I have great weapons, armor, money and everything else. I believed once the character is expired, we can't play them any more.

Now, I'm so tempted to play diablo 2. I'm hooking up my laptop as we speak!

4:05 PM - Damn! I feared I lost the CD. I looked everywhere. It was on my TV book.

Time to use my powers in diablo 2.

4:10 PM - That is what I thought. All my men are EXPIRED. I need to reactivate them.

If you don't hear anything in a few hours or a day, you know where I will be at.

6:35 PM - I stopped playing Diablo 2 to cook some supper.

6:52 PM - I'm eating mac & cheese.

7:34 PM - scareykatt This is a very special tweet starring me! yes, me! why is this tweet so damn special? Hmm, it's my 1,000 tweet. Congrats to followers and ME

1,000 tweet

8 PM - Ugly Betty on ABC.

I think I watch this show tonight. I haven't watch it this season. I believed I missed three episodes so far. Miguel got me started on Ugly Betty. Prior to that, I watched Marc's coming out episode on ABC site over a year ago. I love Ugly Betty. I have the first season on DVD. I brought the DVD for the both of us. Ugly Betty is OUR favourite TV show.

8:45 PM - I finished putting the 500 videos on the old computer.

9 PM - I turned off the TV. There is nothing else to watch.

9:20 PM - I accidentally opened up someone else's mail by mistake. It was in my mailbox thou. It was about a custody hearing for next week. I throw away the letter in the trash.

9:27 PM - I'm very bored. A cartoon sounds great to get out of the boredom! I put on Animaniacs.

10:12 PM - Fox11 news

10:36 PM - Brush my teeth.

Well, I'm going to sleep soon. I got sleepy during Animaniacs.

11 PM - Good night. sweet dreams.

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