Monday, October 13, 2008

13 October 2008, Monday

5:45 AM - I woke up. I stayed in bed till 6. I went online.

So far, life have been pretty great WITHOUT Miguel and the alcohol problem. Very peaceful, indeed. I haven't hear anything from Miguel. The last spoken word was the day I kicked him out.

I already KNOW his future. I don't have to guess!

His life will STILL be out of control. He will continue to drink. He will lose his hotel room. Why? He won't be able to pay for the room. Why? He miss going to work. Why? Thanx to his drinking. Sooner or later, they will fire him.

You guys ALREADY know what happen next.

Miguel will crawl on his knees, BEGGING for a place to sleep! Of course, he will CRY, CRY and CRY. Hmm, should I let him stay? HELL, NO!

He need to realize he ALREADY have another place to go. Okay, people. Please say it with me. REHAB! That's right! REHAB!

6:53 AM - I added something to the name of this blog. a plead for help with OUR lifes.

I may drop world's worst writer. You already know that. Yes, it's still call world's worst writer; it remains in the link.

I need the blog to be truthful and meaningful for the people to relate.

I just drop world's worst writer from the title. I like the new name much better. a plead for help with OUR lifes reflects my situation perfectly. Don't you think so?

7:1o AM - Time for Earth Journal again, starting with January 2004.

7:34 AM - I'm done with January!

Come to think of it, I noticed some posts that I already post TWICE in this journal and from Earth Journal! Oh well!

Like they said, double your pleasure!

7:40 AM - Now, it's August 2004 with 40 posts!

8:25 AM - The DAMN DAMN DAMN word verification is back!

Say what???

8:35 AM - I'm done with August 2004. I was planning of doing September 2004 with 34 posts. But, I don't want to deal with the word verification.

I think I do the short months to get them out of the way. Septmeber 2005 with two posts!

8:21 AM - I did the word verification with the voice. Surprisedly, it was NUMBERS, not words.

9:37 AM - I'm taking a break! This is what I have left.

September 2004 with 34 posts.
May 2005 with 29 posts.
July 2005 with 42 posts.
August 2005 with 28 posts.

Then, I will be all done with Earth Journal! It will probably take another two days!

9:45 AM - I may watch some TV or videos. Well, I missed a good number of shows last night. I missed the Fox cartoons and Desperate Housewives. I believed I missed DH two weeks ago too. Hopefully, the shows are on online at Hulu.

First, I get something to eat. I have not eat breakfast yet. Then, the the shows!

9:55 AM - I checked Hulu. The shows was not there. I checked on Fox. Same thing.

10 AM - I looked at last night's TV schedule. The FOX cartoons was not on last night. Baseball was.

I still have Desperate Housewives!

10:05 AM - Desperate Housewives

11:42 PM - I finished watching two episodes of Desperate Housewives. I don't like watching it on ABC web. Every single time, after the commercial break, i need to click to continue. Other web sites does NOT do that at all.

11:54 AM - I'm pondering what to do next. I basically have no life. My life evolves around Miguel. Now, Miguel is gone. Maybe, I should go out for some fresh air. I really hate doing NOTHING with my life. It shall felt like a new beginning for me. Sadly, it doesn't. I had a feeling that Miguel will get in touch with me. Then, it will be back to square one. I can't seem to escape from him. Neither we can both move on with our lifes. Who knows what life holds?

Noon - I think I do August 2005 of Earth Journal. It will keep my busy for the moment.

Wow! This time, I didn't get word verification!

12:30 PM - May 2005.

12:52 PM - word verification is back again!

1:06 PM - I was done with May 2005. Now, I have two months left!

September 2004 with 34 posts.
July 2005 with 42 posts.

1:14 PM - I'm going to watch Days Of Our Lives on the couch. No can do. The news was on about a wildfire in Porter Ranch.

Days will be on 3:05 AM instead.

1:18 PM - I turned off the TV. There was no point. Every local channel is doing the news, except for KCOP 13. I didn't want to watch the news. Well, I still can watch some TV. Put in a DVD. LOL

3:20 PM - I signed up for Joost. I watched Fat Albert. Man, I haven't watch that show in ages. I watch that show all the time in the 1970's.

4 PM - video titles.

6:45 PM - I cooked some pasta. Like always, I put barbercue sauce on the pasta! YUMMY!

I edited more videos with titles. I found a DISTURBING video. Someone tried to rape Miguel. Man, he was an easy target. He was that drunk.

attempted rape

8 PM - Dancing With The Stars. That show reminds me of Miguel. We watched it all the time since last year.

Cloris Leachman makes me very proud tonight! I'm 38 year old and her age makes me to be THAT OLD like Cloris. She have it going on! It's too bad that Miguel missed her dancing with Corky. He adores Cloris!

9:30 PM - I turned off the TV.

I'm still doing the videos.

10:40 PM - I'm getting sleepy. I may go to bed soon. I have been at it all day long.

10:45 PM - That does it. Time for bed!

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