Thursday, October 2, 2008

2008 October 2, Thursday

6:35 AM - I woke up!

7 AM - I made a video about AOL Hometown.

AOL hometown - scareykatt

This is my web site on AOL hometown.

I have bad news.

AOL hometown is closing it's doors.

The last day is October 31, Halloween.

Attention AOL Hometown Users -- United States

We're sorry to inform you that on Oct. 31, 2008, AOL® Hometown will be shut down permanently.

Man, I have this web site forever.

AOL hometown - scareykatt

7:30 AM - Someone called. Once again, no message. They called again. It was Miguel. Miguel? He claimed it was him TALKING. Talking? No one speak. Well, Miguel wanted me to go with him to MTA Lost & Found. Nah, I didn't want to. Now, Miguel doesn't want to go either. He think no one turn the bag in. After all, he lost his bag in downtown. No one can be trusted there! I persauded him to go. He better do it. He should get his bag AND the cell phone back. It have been a week now. MTA should have his bag by now.

MTA lost & found

10:19 AM - Well, I believed I am halfway through with the web site and the emails. I did the journal and few others. I think the next one is the poems. Man, it is taking all morning long! LOL. It's worth it thou. I don't want to lose my stuff before AOL Hometown close on Halloween. Well, back to the hard work. LOL.

I saw the apartment manager going back to his place. I went outside. I mentioned I still need to pay rent. He said come at 1 PM.

11 AM - I made another quick video. I moved my web site to my email. I must do it every single time. I can save my site that way. It is much easy to do. I don't think I will make another web site right now. It is too damn much work. The blog suits me the best.

moving, copy & paste

11:18 AM - Miguel finally called. He waited and waited. They didn't have his bag. Oh well. I don't think anyone turn his bag in. I hung up the phone. Man, he sounded DRUNK!

no bag cussing

Miguel called again. He cussed me out on the phone. "What's the fuck wrong with u?" he asked. With an attitude like that, Miguel is not WELCOME into my place. I told him not to come over. He begged me, "I need my sleep!" That's his tough luck.

Miguel buzzed me at the door. I let him in. DEAR LORD! Miguel is fucking drunk again! I confronted him. We got into a huge fight. I told him to leave, but Miguel didn't. He screamed at me. He went in the restroom for a little while. He came back, "Can I please stay?" "One more month," I said, stupidly.


A while later, Miguel passed out! THANK GOD! I won't hear from him!

12:50 PM - I turned on the AC. It is getting too hot.

I did my old poems in the email. Next up...the new ones!

1:30 PM - I pay the rent. I told the manager I will get a new bank next year. Last week, my old one went under!

I'm doing the new poems in the email. Lots of poems!

2 PM - I got some mango. It was good!

2:22 PM - I was done with the web site and the emails. I have everything from the journal to the poems to whatever. Wow! It took me a few hours! It was worth the time AND effect. I won't have to worry about Halloween!

2:35 PM - Now, I'm done. I forgot one piece!

I need to see about the AOL journal. I may do the same thing. I checked the journal. There were FOUR entires. No big deal. Kattalien is finish on AOL! I need to check out the other names.

3 PM - I checked out wehokatt. Well, it seems like that I don't need anything from wehokatt.

I found some Hollywood pictures on wehokatt. I sent them in a email. Those pics are the first ones I ever took of Hollywood.

I'm making sure I have everything from wehokatt.

3:40 PM - Wehokatt's web site is good to go. Everything is clear! Next stop: cruize4luv. Surprisely, cruize4luv have nothing! Next is kafalc3. I know that kafalc3 have something! Oops, I forgot! kafalc3 only have Miguel! It links to yahoo site!

I looked at the guestbook on AOL. Someone let me have it big time!

Sunday 01/19/2003 8:21:30am
Comments:You seem like just another bitter fag, just let it go already, and you admitted in your story you wanted to steal his stuff, that makes you no better off then he was, you deserve to be homeless, funny how you have aol now, i wonder whose computer yous stole.

But, this message is great.

Saturday 01/04/2003 9:19:58am
Comments:Your story is not rare,and your,,i'm a victom here. is very common in the gay world,remember you loved this guy for better or give him your respect and DONT AD HIS LAST NAME..and get over it..

Even back then, Miguel and I had some problems, the same stupid old problems! We came a long way. In a sense, it is on the other foot thou. The main differances are the apartment and the car. I lived with him on Gramercy. Now, he lives with me. Man, I kicked him out so many times. Yet, he didn't kick me out once at Gramercy. We drove his sister's car. Sadly, Miguel wrecked the car from drunk driving. Now, we both take the bus. I really don't miss driving. I HATED TO DRIVE. I took Miguel everywhere. I was his personal Taxi driver. LOL

4 PM - Okay, back to the web sites. Up next: UKEastEnders. I didn't do much with that site. Oh, how much I missed EastEnders! It's sad that KOCE dropped that wonderful soap.

Wouldn't u know it?

You can now watch full episodes of EastEnders on the BBC iPlayer. Each episode is available for seven days - so don't miss your chance to watch!

Sadly, not for us fans in the states. You know the copyright issues!

Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programmes are available to you. Why?

That really sucks!

4:30 PM - Miguel finally woke up. He used the restroom. He mentioned that he was hungry. I fixed him some scrambled eggs. He ate the eggs. He got himself a glass of milk and some mango. "Thanx. It was good," he said, "I'm not a bad person. I'm good." He thanked me for not letting him to sleep outside.

I'm done with UKEastEnders. I saw something funny on the site thou.

I finally made up mind. I decided to start my own EastEnders web site. It gave me great pleasure. I had an desire for a while. Tonight, I craved into my heart.

SPECIAL NOTE - I will do my best to cover every aspect of EastEnders. I will add more things at a later date.

DAMN! Am I lazy or what? The first and last time I work on UKEastEnders was on November 9, 2005. Damn! That was almost three years ago.

5 PM - I decided to take a break. I did the email all day long. I haven't look at other sites today or I twitter today!

First stop: Perez Hilton! I go to that site about every day.

5:45 PM - It's twitter time! I love reading all the latest from everyone.

I learned from daveyboyz that they will have a gathering in Hollywood on October 18, 2008. Hmm, I may go if I don't get sick like the last time. I came down with the flu.

6:12 PM - my first tweet of the day.

All day long, I copy and paste my web site to emails over 100 times! AOL hometown is closing on Halloween. I rather do it now, than wait!

6:25 PM - I turned off the AC. I was too cold.

I'm eating cheetos. I wanted a good snack. All day long, I ate fruit, nothing but fruit. Mango, pineapple and coconut.

7:30 PM - Miguel woke up on his own. I was about to after I used the restroom. He brought up the mail. I checked the mail. I went back inside. Miguel was in the restroom, getting ready to shower. I told him that there was no mail. That upset him.

8:02 PM - I signed up for Retroland.

8:18 PM - Miguel called his sister in law about the letter. He haven't got the letter yet. Maybe, it would come tomorrow. If not, he will go to her place to get a copy. He want that letter to get an apartment.

8:30 PM - Miguel turned on the TV.

Miguel mentioned that he wanted to ask for a day off on Wednesday. The boss already gave him Wednesday off. He can go to his court date.

10 PM - Miguel went to work.

I turned off the TV. I soaked the dirty dishes for a while, then I washed them. I brushed my teeth. I went online.

12:30 AM - Bed time.

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