Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 October 2008, Tuesday

5:30 AM - I woke up.

5:42 AM - I got up from bed. I am NOT a morning person. I love to sleep in.

This is from twitter.

madrosed We love WBAL in Baltimore!!!!!!

scareykatt @madrosed are u guys on the radio station again? I think u were on couple weeks ago.

madrosed @scareykatt we've got a steady gig - we're on every week!

scareykatt @madrosed Really? congrats on your new gig! I didn't know about that. is the show on the web too? you guys are the JEFFERSONS! moving on up!

madrosed @scareykatt yes, really! It is on the web too - they achive it on Dave's page - he's the morning guy :) Just go to wbal.com & click on Dave.

scareykatt @madrosed I'm listening to you NOW. right now! u sounds great on the radio! u did an awesome job. cloris leachman was a hoot last night.

madrosed @scareykatt Thanks so much - you have always been there for us - from the very beginning - MUCH LOVE!

scareykatt @madrosed I wrote about u in my blog. much love! http://tinyurl.com/4fwnut
madrosed @scareykatt you are THE BEST!!!!!!

scareykatt @madrosed u2, sweeties! u2 have been great friends since last year. I really appreciate your friendship very much. have a great day.
Back story - I discovered madrosed on youtube in the summer of 2007. They started of doing videos about Big Brother. They branched out to other reality tv shows like Dancing With The Stars, Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol and such.

I was the #1 fan for them! I enjoyed their videos very much.

They started their own show on blogtv about every other Saturday night few monthes ago. Janet and Maddie are average reality fans like me. They are the reality queens. They can give Joan and Melissa Rivers a run for their money.

They are known as madrosed on youtube. Elsewhere, itsbeyondreality.

Please take a look at their web site. You would enjoy them as much I do.
10 AM - The View.

10:08 AM - Miguel came home DRUNK. Yes, you read that right. D R U N K!

He explained about the place. He got there early. They opened up at 9 AM. He killed an hour on the bus. The second time, he went through the security, the lights went CRAZY. They checked him. He went to the office and gave them the paper. It didn't cost him a thing.

He showed me the papers. It was stamped with today's date. Now, he is all ready for the court tomorrow at 8.

7 october 2008, tuesday

He wanted to eat. I told him to eat the food we got yesterday. He wanted some pizza! No. We have food in the icebox. He ate his sandwich on his couch. "Why are you drunk?" I asked a zillion times. "Because you was NOT there for me. I wanted you to be there. I want your support."

7 october 2008, tuesday #2

Miguel crashed on my bed, much like passed out!

11:53 AM - I looked at his bag. There was no vodka at all, but he left a BIG clue. Yes, I found the Rite Aid reciept from this morning. He brought some starbust candy and Borski Vodka. I took some change and $5 from him. Yes, I kept the receipt.

borski vodka

Noon - I turned off the TV.

1 PM - The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, and Family Guy on Hulu.

1:55 PM - Miguel woke up during Family Guy. Damn him! Family Guy is so funny with that bird song! I might as well watch Family Guy later on. Miguel is hungry. He put the food in the microwave.

Miguel won't call Mike at all. It's too early for Mike. He can do it all by himself. He want someone by HIS side for the court tomorrow.

2:10 PM - I tried to put today's video on the blog TWO TIMES. It's taking it forever! The first time was about an hour. The second time, it have been over 90 minutes tops. I have to put upload it another time.

Miguel finished the cupcake on the couch. I heard him crying. "Why are you crying?" "I'm okay." "You are not okay. You are crying. Why are you crying?" "It's okay. I'm going back to bed." He want to sleep on the bed.

About 3 PM, I uploaded the video on the blog again! Would u believe it? it took about 10/15 minutes!

3:15 PM - Some guy called Miguel about the court tomorrow. I didn't wake him up. He really need his sleep. He mentioned that Miguel need to bring a tax return from 2007 to the meeting. If not, they will dismiss the case and Miguel will be in debt.

I uploaded the second video from today. This time, it took about 10 minutes too.

5 PM - Family Guy and American Dad on Hulu.

5:55 PM - Prison Break on Hulu.

I turned off the AC.

6:45 PM - I'm working on the titles again. 3 more till 300.

7:17 PM - Finally, 300 videos with titles! The 300 video is please check me out.

please check me out

I'm not ever half way there yet. I have lots of videos to be edit! I probably have over 500 videos, not counting the new ones.

7:26 PM - Miguel woke up. "You didn't wake me up. You didn't wake me up." "I was about to," I said, getting in bed with him for a little while. I went back to the desk. Miguel used the restroom.

I told Miguel about the phone message. He listened to it. He was grateful that the guy called. He have everything he need for tomorrow. He's all set to go. HE mentioned I don't have to go with him. Instead, he called Mike. He will show up for him. Mike showed him the ropes.

Miguel took a shower.

8 PM - 90210 on The CW.

I was debating whether to watch 90210 or not. Yes, I like that show. I could watch the repeat on Wednesday. I enjoy the show very much. I turned on the TV to 90210. I don't want to miss an episode.

8:10 PM - Miguel joined me for 90210.

9 PM - Dancing With The Stars on ABC.

9:55 PM - Miguel went to work.

10 PM - I watch KTLA 5 news.

11 PM - I turned off the TV. I worked on more titles.

1 AM - Bed time.

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