Friday, October 17, 2008

2008 October 17, Friday

6:35 AM - I woke up.

6:55 AM - I paid the phone bill two times.

7 AM - I opened the door. It's cool outside. Nice cool breeze coming into my oven apartment! LOL

7:15 AM - I sent youtube an eighth email twice.

This is my EIGHTH EMAIL about youtube's third warning.

why was my scareykatt youtube account suspended??

i don't understand the email.

there was NO mention of a reason.

please response!

This is the video

Fastest Video Ever.wmv

Fastest Video Ever contains NO voilence, abuse, hateful, sexually explicit content, spam and such.

why was my scareykatt youtube account suspended??

Like always, they won't response to my email at all. Youtube does NOT care about the little people. It have been over a FULL month since the first email.

7:53 AM - Miguel called me. He need the hotel's phone number. HELLO! I do NOT know the hotel he is staying at. Therefore, I can't give him the phone number.

The payphone had too much static. We can barely hear each other on the phone.

2008 october 17, friday

8:04 AM - Miguel called me again on the same static payphone. He mentioned he couldn't understand the phone operator. He explained it was HIS hotel that he works at! HELLO! How come he didn't tell me on the first call. I assumed he was talking about the hotel he was staying at! Good grief! For crying out loud, he supposed to know his WORK number by now. He work there over FIVE months. Count them. FIVE months.

I looked on the web. I typed marriot downtown la in the search. The phone number came on top. I gave it to him. He wanted to have lunch with me tomorrow AND pick him his mail. He still need to get a po box. He claimed I'm a good friend. We hung up.

2008 october 17, friday #1

Hmm, how come he need the work number? He worked last night. I bet he didn't work last night. That's why he need the work number to give them an EXCUSE!

As I predicted, pretty soon, he will lose his job once again! I can feel it in my bones. Guess what? He won't be coming back to my place. He need to find another place to crash!

11 AM - ABC 7 news.

11:18 AM - I made some lemonade.

11:45 AM - I finally ate breakfast - cheerios.

Noon - I watched three episodes of Animaniacs.

1:08 PM - Days Of Our Lives on NBC.

2 PM - Diablo 2.

I'm going to keep track of what armors my characters have for scareykatt.

2:55 PM - I was trading with some guys. I was knocked offline. I got a message on diablo 2.

Your connection has been temporarily restricted from this realm. Please try to log in at another time.

Huh? I don't get that. I was NOT causing trouble at all. I was merely trading! Trading is NOT against the rules!

3:08 PM - Now, I can play once again!

4:48 PM - The case worker stopped by. I mentioned I don't need anything like always.

5 PM - Yes, I'm still sorting out my men! I have so many of them!

5:26 PM - I'm all done with the men! Damn! It took me over three long hours! Two men was not found either! One guy have lots of perfect gems in the stash! Sadly, I need to restart the gems from scratch again! DAMN!

5:35 PM - Break time! I'm very hungry. Thank God that the cook shrimp is done defrosting. I set the shrimp out during Anamaniacs. I will have it with barbercue sauce.

5:39 PM - ABC 7 news.

6:04 PM - I finished eating the shrimp. It was very tasty.

6:30 PM - Diablo 2.

10:51 PM - I stopped playing Diablo 2.

10: 55 PM - Brush my teeth.

11 PM - The Simpsons on Fox 11.

11:30 PM - Bed time.

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