Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008 october 26, sunday

7:07 AM - Woke up.

7:27 AM - nerimon Just realised that all the people I follow are awesome cos none of them have numbers in their username. Uniqueness ftw

scareykatt @nerimon I'm with u on names with numbers in them. I have never like them. remember the names with numbers sucks. I don't have good memory.

8:10 AM - karpadiem @scareykatt he he he, thanks!

8:15 AM - I think I have some toast for breakfast.

8:25 AM - Toast with a glass of milk.

8:43 AM - Gonna to eat more toast. Two wasn't enough! I normally have four.

8:48 AM - more toast!

9:33 AM - Toddly00 dont forget to add me on msn!

scareykatt @Toddly00 Sure! U twisted my arm. I will add u on MSN. I got do it on my laptop. I don't have MSN messenger on my PC. I got rid of it.

9:41 AM - I added Toddly00 to MSN.

9:44 AM - Listening to Madonna on youtube. I got to have my Madonna!
10 AM - The front door opened.

11:33 AM - This past hour, I sorted out the clothes in the closet. I separated Miguel's from mine. I put his clothes in a bag. The closet is ALL MINE again! I'm not even done yet. When Miguel picked up the clothes, they will be ready for him.

12:12 PM - I made a new video, too damn fat! Yes, I am that FAT!

too damn fat

12:20 PM - I sent my new video in the email from the laptop. I forgot one big thing. The video was NOT in the email. I have to resend the email again!

12:25 PM - I resent it again!

1:22 PM - I made another video, "leave a comment" for this blog. Some people are still learning how to leave a comment on blogger.

leave a comment

I listened to whataboutadam's blogtv show.

2:55 PM - I was about to upload leave a comment video, but it was on the laptop, not this computer! LOL

3 PM - Adam stopped his LIVE show.

3:10 PM - I watched Matthew Lush's LIVE show on blogtv till 6 PM.

3:34 PM - I washed the dishes. I accidentally broke something in the water. It was the spoon holder thing while you cooks!

4:55 PM - That crazy lady neighbor was back! She mentioned few others got haircuts too. She offered to shampoo my carpet. No thanx! She asked if I know where to get some vicodin. No, I don't. Oh, yeah. Vicodin talk is between her and me. WHATEVER! She mentioned that she was selling a $400 leather coat for $60. Yeah, right. It was probably stolen. Yeah, I know that mean. I just don't trust her.

5:04 PM - She showed me the leather coat. No thanx. I don't like that style. It was heavy.

5:10 PM - madrosed @scareykatt no homeruns but I got a triple :)

scareykatt @madrosed kewl! a triple works too! congrats!

6 PM - NBC 4 news.

I ate some popcorn for supper! Who does that? LOL

7 PM - California's Golden Parks was a very interesting program with Huell Howser. It was about some river that finally came back after the water was detour to water Los Angeles.

I hoped I got that right! LOL.

8 PM - I turned off the TV. There was nothing to watch.

8:29 PM - I recieved a nice surpise. A friend called me. I was't expecting that at all.

9 PM - Desperate Housewives

It was a great episode. They did a great job summing up the five year gap with the housewives.

10 PM - KTLA 5 news.

10:15 PM - disneykid1 oh wow school shootings at my university. apparently still going on. im not at the dorms tonight though. my phone keeps ringing im fine.

scareykatt @disneykid1 no surprise there, sweetie! there will be MORE school shootings. I promise u that right now.

10:50 PM - Brush my teeth.

11:19 PM - scareykatt I found a kick ass song. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Piece Of Heaven is my favourite song now.

I'm listening to the song again. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! It has a nice dance beat! Sadly, I can't dance!

11: 30 PM - I sure want a piece of heaven. On that note, Good night!