Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Janet & Maddie aka madrosed

This is from twitter.

madrosed We love WBAL in Baltimore!!!!!!

scareykatt @madrosed are u guys on the radio station again? I think u were on couple weeks ago.

madrosed @scareykatt we've got a steady gig - we're on every week!

scareykatt @madrosed Really? congrats on your new gig! I didn't know about that. is the show on the web too? you guys are the JEFFERSONS! moving on up!

madrosed @scareykatt yes, really! It is on the web too - they achive it on Dave's page - he's the morning guy :) Just go to wbal.com & click on Dave.

scareykatt @madrosed I'm listening to you NOW. right now! u sounds great on the radio! u did an awesome job. cloris leachman was a hoot last night.

madrosed @scareykatt Thanks so much - you have always been there for us - from the very beginning - MUCH LOVE!

scareykatt @madrosed I wrote about u in my blog. much love! http://tinyurl.com/4fwnut

madrosed @scareykatt you are THE BEST!!!!!!

scareykatt @madrosed u2, sweeties! u2 have been great friends since last year. I really appreciate your friendship very much. have a great day.

Back story - I discovered madrosed on youtube in the summer of 2007. They started of doing videos about Big Brother. They branched out to other reality tv shows like Dancing With The Stars, Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol and such.

I was the #1 fan for them! I enjoyed their videos very much.

They started their own show on blogtv about every other Saturday night few monthes ago. Janet and Maddie are average reality fans like me. They are the reality queens. They can give Joan and Melissa Rivers a run for their money.

They are known as madrosed on youtube. Elsewhere, itsbeyondreality.

Please take a look at their web site. You would enjoy them as much I do.


Beyond Reality said...

Oh Scareykatt you are the best! If only more people were like you the world would be incredibly awesome!

We Love You!
Maddie & Janet

scareykatt said...

Thanx for a wonderful comment on my blog.

we need more people like u too.

u are great people to have as friends.