Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 october 30, wednesday

6:45 AM - woke up. I used the restroom.

7:04 AM - Front door opened.

7:15 AM - I turned on the laptop.

7:20 AM - Left home.

8:16 AM - I arrived at the post office. Most of them was trash. I only kept the phone bill and bank statement. I got the yellow card. No thanx. I had a feeling that Columbia House sent me a movie I DID NOT ORDERED. I hate when that happens.

8:18 AM - I went to the bus stop. I took some pics. I saw Rapid 704 coming. I ran to the bus. I got on the bus. There were hardly any people on the bus. I got off on Santa Monica/Western. I went across the street. I noticed a guy stanging against the wall, then he sat in front of the buildin! Damn! I want to take a pic of the building. I found out this month Tmobile took Hollywood Videos spot. That Hollywood Video store went out of business earlier this year or last year.

I went to Smart & Final. Some cereals was on sale. I brought Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes & Cheerios. I spent $20.27. I didn't wait long for the bus.

9:22 AM - Home.

9:30 AM - Cheerios and milk.

9:33 AM - four episode of All In The Family, the 6th season.

11:16 AM - ABC 7 news.

Noon - I want to change my apartment around, but there is nothing much I could do. I don't have enough space and the stuff is too damn big. I will, at least, try.
white couch moves

12:50 PM - I'm done with changing the apartment around. It looked real nice. I will rest for a while till I take pics and videos.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

2 PM - I muted the TV. I watched some videos on youtube. Rosie O'Donnel was on Martha Stewart. It was a repeat of last year's Halloween.

3:10 PM - I made some toast for lunch. Pete called me about the monitor. He think it is the computer, not the monitor. NO WAY! It got to be the monitor. I tried the old computer and the monitor won't work either. Pete suggested a full virus scan on the computer.

3:30 PM - Donna called. She wondered what happened to Today's blog. I explained I changed my apartment around. Really, the white couch and the stuff behind it. It didn't look good. Now, it looks much better. It's a nice improvement.

We mostly have the same subscribers on youtube - dreamer72fem, countrygoestotwon and others. I sent her Country's blog in the email. She didn't know he have a blog.

She mentioned she rescue dogs from the animal shelter. She doesn't want the dogs to put to sleep. He rescue three dogs this week. She will find them good homes.

Neither of us will get halloween candy. No one hardly stops by. She have a good excuse; she lives in the country. In my case, there is no point to buy candy. Last year, I brought two bags of candy and no one come. I ate the two bags with a little help from Miguel.

Donna is back on vloggerheads; she missed it. She told me about this one hater on VH. SAY WHAT! Renetto promised there won't be ANY haters on vloggerheads. Renetto! Please get rid of the damn haters. We don't need it on VH. Donna and I talked for a good 25 minutes.
4:23 PM - I posted a welcome picture for Donna on VH.
5:30 PM - ABC7 news
6 PM - Family Guy
6:30 PM - Pasta with barbercue sause.
7 PM - Frasier
7:48 PM - I made an video, one week without miguel.

8 PM - The Rocky Horror Picture Show on mynetworktv.
9:20 PM - laid down on the couch.
10 PM - news.

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