Saturday, October 4, 2008

4 October 2008, Saturday

6 AM - I woke up. Miguel was already up. He was watching TV. He wanted to leave early for the post office. He work at 9 PM tonight. Man, it was too early for the post office. It opens at 8 AM. Instead, we decided to wash the clothes. We can go to the post office on Monday.

6:18 AM - I started the laundry. I mentioned that we got a new washing machine. The last one was too damn loud.

6:45 AM - "Do u want to get my own place?" Miguel asked few times. "You said it will be best to get your own place." He finished eating his salad. "Okay. I will get my own place. I will miss you very much." He got some Cheerios. "Baby, I will never see you again." "You will have my number to call," I said. "I won't call anyone."

7:05 AM - I almost ran into a new neighbor, a neighbor I have never saw before. "Good morning," he said. "You looked nice," I said. "Thanx," he said. We both went on doing our thing. He was going somewhere. The second load was in. 38 minutes for the washing machine. 45 minutes for the dryer.

Miguel claimed I was "getting fat." Hello! I am NOT eating alot. I haven't had any breakfast yet. Miguel had a salad, cheerios and cheetos within an hour!

We watched Reba on DVD. I noticed that I played the wrong side. We already saw those episodes. I switched it over to side B.

8: 55 AM - 227

9: 14 AM - I got the rest of the clothes. I told him that it's raining. It is quite cool outside. The apartment is a hot oven! It's a good thing we washed the clothes early.

9:19 AM - Miguel looked outside. "It's cool outside." "Leave the door open?" he asked. "Yes. Put on some shorts." He went to the restoom.

9:23 AM - He looked for his shorts under the clothes. He put them on.

9:25 AM - Miguel checked the phone messages. He wasn't sure when his boss call. I told him that he was sleeping and I took a shower. He thought his boss want him to work last night. They talked yesterday about 8 PM.

9:43 AM - He wants chinese food. I don't think they are open now. He want to order some pizza. "This time of day? Sure. we can order pizza," I said. He mentioned the pamplet is on the couch. "They open at 11 AM. I'm going to each some frosted flakes." "Can you wait for the pizza?" he asked. "No. I haven't eat breakfast yet. I'm hungry." I put the frosted flakes in a bowl. I ate it at the desk.

10:35 AM - I heard a neighbor coming with his bike. "Hi," he said. I waved at him. He went up to his place. Miguel woke up. He told me to close the door. I did. He went back to sleep. After this 227 episode, I will turn it off. He need his sleep.

10:55 AM - I turned off the TV. I may finish up the names of the videos for this blog. I think I'm almost done.

12:30 PM - I'm going to take a break. I'm getting sleepy. I may play a game or two. Also, eat some spree.

1 PM - Fell asleep.

2:30 PM - I woke up from the nap. I'm still sleepy and tired.

After 3 - Miguel woke up. He called T Mobile. He messed up somehow. He called again. He got through this time. They closed down his account. They can't transfer the amount to my number. He need a new number for the amount. He won't get a new phone.

3:50 PM - Miguel want some chinese - a combo of chow mein and orange chicken. He didn't want to go with me. I wanted him to go too. I know I would mess up. Besides, not everyone understand me. It's best that someone is with me. I offered to make tuna helper. Forget that. He want chinese! He wrote it down on paper. He refused to go. I closed the windows on the computer as he stood by me. He mentioned he doesn't trust me. I gave him back the $20. He can get the food himself.

He turned on the TV and used the headphones. I Love Lucy was on. He always watch that favourite show. I watched some youtube videos.

5 PM - Miguel went to sleep.

6 PM - I woke him up. He need to get ready for work. I turned to Family Guy on KTLA.

I may start keeping tracks of the videos I posted in this blog. I noticed that some videos are missing. I think i accidentally delete some from the computer.

7 PM - We watched Two & A Half Men.

8 PM - I turned off the TV. Miguel went to work.

8:15 PM - I cooked a TV dinner. Man, it turned out very badly. I throw it away. I made a peanut butter sandwich.

10 PM - I decided to add names in front of the videos too.

1:33 AM - It's so late. I may sleep at night. I'm still working on the titles for the videos all evening long. Maybe, a second wind is coming soon. I doubt it thou. I'm getting sleepy.

I put buck dollar on vloggerheads!

buck dollar

What the buck?

Think again!

It's what the pussy!

1:47 AM - That does it. It's time for bed. I just messed up. I forgot to add the video to the title in the window movie maker! LOL.

2 AM - Bed time! Sweet dreams!

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