Sunday, October 5, 2008

5 October 2008, Sunday

7:30 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I turned on the computer. For some reason, the monitor won't come on! DAMN! The blue light was blinking on and off for a while. Huh? Is the normal? I turned on the old computer. I want to send Brian a quick email about the problem. Then, the monitor was on! Wow! Really? I think there is something wrong with it. It did it once before.

7:50 PM - Miguel came over from work. He brought me some milk, cupakes and a hotdog. I can't think of what kind of hot dog. It slipped my mind. I think it is a corny dog. I made him some scramble eggs. I put on There's Something About Mary. Love that movie. I believed that movie was the first movie that Miguel and I saw together.

8:42 AM - I looked at Miguel. He took off the headphones. "Do you want to watch the movie with me?" "No." I tried to put my light grey coat. "Please turn off the AC." "I want to wear this." "I'm cold too. Turn it off." I went to the bed and turned it off. "Do you want the fan on?" I asked. "On low." I went up to him and blow like the wind on his face. LOL. Hey, he said a fan! He didn't say what kind.

Miguel mentioned he was going to sleep. I turned off the TV. He won't sleep on the bed. I can't use the couch to watch some TV later on. He wanted me to play some music. Madonna. No. Pet Shop Boys. No. Cher. No. Queen. No. George Michael. No. Elton John. No. Madonna again! YES! Really, I put on Enya Shepherd Moons. I haven't heard that CD in a long time. I don't have some music he wanted me to play - Pet Shop Boys, Cher, Queen and Elton John. I may have Cher and George Michael somewhere.

I'm working on the videos with the titles. YES! I can't put it off. If I do, I won't remember where I was at before. So far, so good.

12:21 PM - Miguel woke up. "How many hours I slept?" He asked. I looked about the clock. "About four hours," I said. He used the restroom and washed his hands.

He mentioned that his boss wants him to work day and nights. He only want to work at night. It's much better for him.

12:30 PM - He turned on the TV. Sorry, Miguel. Nothing is on. Not even I Love Lucy.

1:05 PM - I found out that Wendy Richard 'dying of cancer'

Former EastEnders star Wendy Richard announces that she is dying of cancer.

That's heartbreaking! She is one of my favourite actresses. I love her on Are You Being Served and EastEnders.

1:30 PM - 100 videos! Wow! I made 100 videos with titles! I'm not even close.

2 PM - I turned on the AC. It was too hot for me. Miguel want to stay on the couch. I told him to sleep on OUR bed, which he did. I can watch TV from the couch.

3:33 PM - I washed the dishes.

3:45 PM - Back to the titles for the videos.

5:08 PM - Miguel woke up. He turned off the AC for me. He noticed that I had my coat on.

5:24 PM - 150 videos with titles! I should have done this long time ago. Then again, I procrastinate a lot. Wow! What a loser! He is too damn lazy! LOL.

Miguel is getting ready for work - shower and stuff.

6:03 PM - Miguel turned on the ABC7 news.

6: 21 PM - I saw a post from madrosed on twitter. "mmmmmm fried tomatoes."

u do mean fried GREEN tomatoes. please don't end up killing the very abusive husband. you may eat him in a world famous stew! ROFL

6:30 PM - King Of The Hill on Fox 11.

6:54 PM - Miguel went to work.

7:07 PM - I turned off the TV. I don't want the TV to distract me from doing the videos.

8:10 PM - Brian called! Money time! Oh, yeah! Last weekend, I gave Brian $300. They were in a money crunch last month.

8:30 PM - Brian and Peter buzzed. I let them in. We hugged each other. We talked about lots of stuff. OJ Simpson. $700 billion bailout. Registor to vote. I mentioned it will be my first time to vote. I always wanted to vote when a black man or woman run for the president. This year is history making!

Peter got a registry card from the car. I filled the card out. Brian mentioned the $300 got nothing to do with the card. I made a quike funny video. They pay me $300 to vote! We watched the video. We laughed big time. It was cute and funny.

$300 to vote

Brian showed me his new phone. He can watch videos on it. I want a video phone! We watched Pancakes and some other video. We saw the Pancakes sequel. I didn't like the sequel that much. We watched some Fred videos. Brian was in awe! We saw Trace Adkins videos. I have never heard of him before. He is a famous country star.

They were about to leave, but Brian brough up his new phone. His connection is great. He ever get wifi on this phone. Even the wifi is fast. He is on my wifi connection. He have a personal phone, work phone and a home phone! Man, he is moving up in the world.

10:06 PM - Brian and Peter went home to the valley. We have a great time!

I put $300 to vote all over the web. LOL. Everyone will get a nice kick out of it. There was no harm done!

12 Midnight - I brushed my teeth. I want to get 200 videos before bed time. I'm 184 videos. 16 more to go.

1:36 AM - I finally made it too 200 videos! I thought I would be done by 1 AM. Man, I was wrong. It took longer than I thought.

Time for bed time. I am very sleepy. I have a long day with Miguel in the morning. I need my beauty sleep. Good night.

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