Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 October 2008, Tuesday

5:30 AM - I woke up. Not again. Sleep late, please sleep late. I used the restroom. I fell back to sleep.

7:10 AM - I woke up. Hmm, that was much better!

7:24 AM - Miguel called about his mail. Nope, no mail. He let me know that he is doing fine. Then, he hung up. That was short and sweet. I looked like a zombie in the video. The zombie came out early for Halloween.

miguel's 1st update

8:15 AM - I left to get some aqua. I had four bottles to fill.

I walked down the street. OMG! A fence was destroyed. A tree fell down. Damn! I knew I should bring the camcorder. I have no ideal a tree fell down at the corner . The walk to the store was nice. I haven't went anywhere in a while, not since the break up.

8:40 AM - I left again to film the fence. I stood in the front of the house. I noticed a lady was coming across the street. It must be HER house. She wondered what I was doing. I told her I want to tape it. I asked her for permission. She didn't mind. She went inside of the yard. I took some pictures. She went inside. I taped a short video. I went home.

broken fence

8:47 AM - I was home again. I turned the fan on me!

9:35 AM - I saw an headline that made me laugh. Who knew? Cloris Leachman can dance! That was pretty funny. Last night, I told my friend, madrosed, the same thing.

@madrosed That was one of the best dances that Cloris and Corky gave. who knew Cloris can dance like that? Corky & Cloris is GREAT

9:46 AM - Eating Cheerios.

10 AM - I saw a movie ad for The Solorist on Dreamworks. It looks quite good with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. The movie comes out on November 21, 2008.

10:15 AM - Video titles.

11:30 PM - I might as well do some videos of my pictures. I already did shadow, tv dinner and messy hair!

2 PM - Pot pie for lunch.

3:30 PM - I shut the front door. The ground keepers were cleaning.

5:07 PM - I finally reached 500 edited videos! Damn! That is way too many. I still have lots to sort out thou.

The 500th video is birth of jesus christ. Good old Jesus Christ!

birth of jesus christ

5:10 PM - I opened the front door for no reason at all. I'm quite safe in the neighborhood.

5:17 PM - It a shame I didn't keep track of the edited videos I did. In a way, I did. I put those videos in a original folder. I think I put all videos in ONE original videos. I think I call the folder main originals. Wish me luck. I am on the hunt for 500 edited videos in lots of folders!

5:20 PM - Right now, I'm looking in the original monthly videos folders. That is a excellant start. I changed my mind of making copies of the originals. I know I will get both set of videos mess up.

I realized something. Oops, I almost forgot! There are some videos I spin off from. I split some into two videos.

5:35 PM - Holy crap! The blog page I was editing frozen! I have to type everything again!

5:38 PM - The edited blog became unfrozen! I think I know what happen. I was uploading the 500th video and I put the same video in another video. I could be wrong thou.

5:44 PM - Damn! I should have make copies of the videos! Now, I have no ideal what month they came from. Some of them does not have the orginal dates either, only the modified dates.

5:50 PM - I came up with a plan! Hopefully, it won't fail me. I will make a copy of the main originals folder for the computer and leave the other one on the disk. Then, I can sort out that folder and put all the videos back where they belong to the monthly folder. Yeah, I know. It's confusing as hell! LOL

5:53 PM - I'm copying it right now.

5:55 PM - three more minutes to go.

5:56 PM - That was the fastest three minutes EVER!

6 PM - I checked the mail. Miguel got mail!

6:03 PM - I think I am done for. The main originals folder IDEAL is not working that great. Some videos have NUMBERS at the end.

Example - there are five orignals videos of the same one like Miguel's Phone Call. Those five turned into three edited videos!

I might as well to give up the so called bright ideal! Yes, I'm a dim light! Not too bright! LOL

6:15 PM - Time to play the guessing game. I will guess where the videos go to in what monthly folder.

6:19 PM - Please somebody STOP ME! I bet I will make it worst again. LOL. I have 104 videos to put back. YIKES!

6:35 PM - I just put my first one back! It was the gay pride. I know it belongs in June 2007. 103 videos to go!

8:35 PM - I believed things are GOING my way now. I found a 100% way to put the videos back in the monthly folders. I found a folder with the original dated videos! YES! YES! YES!

10 PM - I did all 104 videos, except 9 videos. It took me all evening long.

11:40 PM - I put the first 500 videos in a folder and put it on media player. I will start over again. The first one was baby, it's not fair!

baby, it's not fair

12:30 AM - Bed time. Good night.

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