Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 october 23, thursday

7 AM - I woke up.

7:35 AM - I turned on the ringer and answer machine.

7:54 AM - I'm watching last night's video.

8:04 AM - I got done watching very disturbing parts of last night's footage. I'm not proud what I did. There is no excuse for it. I should have deal with the situation better than that. The worst happened. I got very angry. I lost my patience. I lost control. Trust me. It's not one of my proudest moment.

2008 october 23, thursday

2008 october 23, thursday #1
(#1 intertwined with listen to me video.)

8:30 AM - Miguel called me from the intercom two times. I went out with the camcorder. I explained that no one want him to come over. I looked up. Ken was going in with his dog. He asked if things are okay. I shook my head yes. He went inside. Miguel want to get some stuff. Hello! What stuff? Last week, the hotel tossed him out. He lost everything; all his clothes. He have nothing left. Miguel want his money. Nope. He would buy alcohol and come over here drunk!

listen to me

9:24 AM - I put the dirty dishes in hot water. I will let them sit for an hour.

9:45 AM - Brian & Pete called.

brian & pete called

10:50 AM - Shower time

11:15 AM - I finished the shower.

11:50 AM - I started to wash the dishes.

short break from dishes

11:53 AM - A short time later, Pete called me during the dishes. I quickly dry my hands off. I answered the phone. He wondered I eat yet. No breakfast or lunch. He wants to grab a bite at a very nice McDonald's in Glendale. Sure! He will be here in ten minutes.

12:02 PM - I quickly finished washing the dishes. I didn't want to wash them after I get back. I didn't want to deal with it.

2008 october 23, thursday #2

12:09 PM - Someone called. There was no answer. It got to be Pete! The SAME someone called. Yeah, it was Pete. He was still on the bluetooth. He forgot to switch over to the cell phone. He was here. I grabbed my camcorder. We were on the way.

He mentioned he wants to go to Michaels. Oh, man! We would see his friend too. I didn't know that. All along, it wasn't a friend at all. It was a store called Michaels. I didn't know that either.

We got on the freeway. I told him everything. I confessed I crossed the line. I beat Miguel up last night. He told me that wasn't right. It's too bad I didn't tape us talking. It was quite good. He mentioned there are other ways to deal with it like alnon. It will do me some good.

I told him he got a new email, short version with miguel garcia. It was the short version with ONLY the highlights from this blog. I mentioned that Miguel was at a different hotel, not Mark Twian. They kicked him out; being drunk. He missed a night at work; being drunk again. He was fired on October 21. I gave Miguel the letter on the same day. Miguel had a tough week.

Pete drove off the freeway. We talked about other things like Marshalls (not closing), Mervyns (closing) and Linens 'n Things (closing too). I confused Marshalls & Mervyns. Pete likes Marshalls; he mostly get his clothes there. The pants he wore today came from that store.

We arrived at McDonald's. He parked the car. He forgot his cell phone. He got his phone. We entered McDonald's. I was very impressed! This McDonald's was FANCY! Pete washed his hands. He came out. I mentioned I will buy us lunch. We got in line. I ordered the Big Mac. I forgot what Pete got. He got us a table by the wall. I picked up our orders. There was no straws. Hmm, Pete pointed it out for me. I mentioned that was a strange place to keep the straws. Pete got us supersize fries. Now, the monopoly was on the drinks, sandwichs and the fries. In all, Pete got 12 game pieces! We ate our food.

I wasn't myself at the table. I was out of it. I was this close of crying; I couldn't bare the thought that I beat up Miguel last night. I have never did that ANYONE. It was destroying my inner being inside. I never thought I would become that monster. I wasn't raise that way. Mom taught me love and respect. She taught me real good.

It hit me that my oldest sister was in a abusive relationship. Sadly, I became the abuser to Miguel. Her ex boyfriend beat her up. I think it lasted an year. They moved to Jacksonville, Florida. His family was there. I remembered I kept her things in my bedroom at grandma's. My sister moved back to Texas without the abusive lover.

Pete wondered if Miguel would stay at Union Gospel Mission in downtown. FAT CHANCE! Miguel preferred to stay in a motel instead. Pete mentioned that homeless shelter have AA meetings every day. I stayed there once before. Before we could eat, AA meetings. Before we could sleep, AA meetings! I hated it! Back then, I wasn't an alcoholic. I have no need for THOSE meetings. LOL.

Pete believes that Miguel won't change at all. He would stay in the cycle. I can see that perfectly. He will stay with a friend or an motel. His main concern is the job. They will kick him out for being drunk and he will lose his job. Then, the cycle repeats itself. That's NOT a way to live.

This past year, Miguel had two jobs and ENDED the same way; fire for being drunk and/or miss a day. I kicked him out a million of times. To this very day, Miguel does NOT see alcohol is ruining his life time and time again.

Pete went the wrong way down the street. He turned around. He was close to Michaels, but he couldn't find the store. We were on the same block. He turned left at the light. He cut through a gas station. I mentioned that some lady was talking on the cell phone with her hands! I tried to tape it, but was too late! Earlier when we left McDonald's, another lady talked with her hands too. Man, lots of people want to get tickets!

He drove down the street. He saw the Michaels sign. He went to underground parking. We got out of the car. I felt like I was there before, I remembered the structor of the parking. We didn't know where to look for the steps to go upstairs. We walked down a long hallway to the street. Oops, wrong way! We walked down the street. Some men was painting a white church on the corner. There was another church on the corner across from them.

We turned the corner. We found the entrance to Michaels. We entered the store. We were there for a good 30 minutes. He looked at some xmas wreaths. He want to make one this year. The wreaths was either too small or too big. We walked around the store. I noticed a 1935 Donald Duck comic! Man, Donald was quite young. We looked at the halloween stuff. We left the store. Pete saw a very close stairway to the car.

We entered the parking lot. Pete suggested Longs Drugs for the halloween stuff. A dirty joke come to my mind. "I have a long drug for your ass." That was so gay! I didn't tell Pete that joke. Pete likes the Beware sign for the front door. Peter thought I should buy one for myself. "Miguel, Beware." LOL. That was funny.

We got in the car. We accidentally drove to upstairs. Oops, we thought it was the exit. Pete noticed that Barnes & Noble closed down. I think TJ Maxx or some other store is opening soon. Pete turned right on the street. Few blocks later, I saw the police sign on the lights. I kidded that he should turn me in for the $1 million reward. We were on the way home.

Pete parked the car. We went into my place. I noticed Gaberial was in the office. Man, oh, man! He will want to talk to me soon. I showed Pete the email. He sat down and read it. He thought it was quite good. Pete turned off the webcam. He wanted the video delete. I excused myself. I told him that I need to talk to the manager.

I walked to the office. Gaberial told me to sit down. I mentioned we need to talk. He agreed with me. He finished up the work he was doing. He told me that I was a good person. He don't want the drama to continue at the apartments and Miguel is NOT allow on the property or else. He had enough of the fucking drama! Me too!

He told me about last night between 2 AM and 3 AM. That incident was the final straw for Gaberial. He noticed that Miguel was passed out DRUNK by the curb, almost underneath a car. Man, I thought so. I knew the ambulance was there for Miguel.

I mentioned that I saw Miguel this morning; no one wants him around here. I think Miguel took it serious. I haven't seen or hear Miguel since I got back. Gaberial already told his boss about Miguel; he is waiting to hear back from them. He warned me I may get a write up too; I understood that. The guest reflects back to the occupent. The talk was short and sweet. I went back to my place.

I saw Peter was talking on his cell phone and getting some 411 on the web about alnon. They switched him over and he was disconnected. I told Pete what happened with Gaberial. Pete wasn't that shock. He knew it will happen sooner or later. He wanted to use the home phone. He called the gay center. I put up the clean dishes. Damn! Every 20 seconds, it was the same message back and forth.

He got the answer machine. I want him to talk on my behalf. He left them both phone numbers. He hung up the phone. It was getting close to 3 PM. Pete mentioned he need to leave soon for a doctor's appointment. Pete showed my the Sim City game on the phone. Damn! that game was too small to play. How can someone play that kind of game on a cell phone?

3:05 PM - I walked Pete out to his car. I thanked him for everything.

6:15 PM - I checked the mail. Miguel got TWO mails. I believed one of them got to do with his bankrupty case. He really need to get the mail as soon as possible.

Miguel can't come over to my apartment; the apartment manager won't allow it. I need to give it to him somehow. Not another beating, of course. Maybe, I can give it to Michael. Miguel always get help from his long time friend.

6:48 PM - Mongoos150 Walking home a drunken friend in the rain at 2am in a toga... with exposed nipples... FTL

scareykatt @Mongoos150 That ain't bad. My situation was much worst. I stole money. I beat up him up. I took him to the bus stop. some friend i am! BAD!

10:40 PM - Brush my teeth.

11 PM - Bed time!

Tomorrow's plans - Hopefully, add things I forget for this blog. I know I need to add some videos. I hate being late or miss some stuffs for the blog.

good night!

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