Thursday, October 23, 2008

short version with miguel garcia

11 October 2008, Saturday

I kicked him out. His drinking is out of control. He packed ALL his clothes. He found a hotel room in Hollywood, then he went to work.

For one week, it was very peaceful.

18 October 2008, Saturday

Miguel showed up DRUNK. The hotel kicked him out; we ALREADY know why. Miguel told me that he missed a night at work. Once again, we ALREADY know why. He revealed that he have a meeting with his boss on 10/21/08 at 1 PM.

I promised he can stay until October 21, 2008, Tuesday.

21 October 2008, Tuesday

I gave him $50 at the bus stop. Bus 4 came. I gave him the letter. He got on the bus. He read the letter on the bus.

Tuesday Night

We talked on the phone. He sounded drunk. He admitted he lost his job. No surprise there!

He wished me luck and want a good boyfriend. He wants "someone to love the way he is." Man, with that kind of love, Miguel will fuck up again. He doesn't want help with his alcohol problem.

22 October 2008, Wednesday Night

Miguel showed up DRUNK with food. I fixed him a plate. He passed out on the couch. I looked through his bag.

Miguel woke up. I told him to leave. He begged to stay. I got upset. I really lost control. It was not a proud moment. I really sunk to a new low. I have never did that before.

I took him to the bus stop. Miguel cussed at me. The police flashed their light on Miguel. He walked down the street. I explained to the police that he had too much to drink. I went home.

23 October 2008, Thursday

He showed up DRUNK this morning. I went outside. I explained that no one want him around. He demanded some money. I refused. I went inside.

Pete and Brian called. I told them everything.

Pete may come over this afternoon.

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