Friday, October 3, 2008

3 October 2008, Friday

9 AM - Miguel still haven't call me. That is FINE by me. I will have more time for myself. Oh, yeah. Peace and happiness without Miguel! What a way to live!

I guessed he went straight to his sister in law for the letter.

I posted gay marriage video on livevideo. I saw someone is showing Mr. Bean. I enjoyed that show. I first saw it on HBO in the early 1990's.

They showed See No Evil movie with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. I don't like that movie. I went to Adult Swim channel. Hmm, American Dad! Another funny cartoon.

9:42 AM - Miguel called from Alvarado/Sunset. He wanted to come home.

alvarado sunset

Where's Miguel? I looked at the clock. It said 10:04 AM. Hello! It doesn't take that long to walk from Alvarado St. It's a ten minute walk. Maybe, he get something to eat. Who knows? Perhaps, Miguel is fucking drunk again!

10:11 AM - Miguel showed up with some food. Yes, once again, he is DRUNK! Some things have never change. He felt like he forgot something at the restuarant, the french toast for me! He wanted to go back. "Let's order pizza!" I told him that I already eat. He ate his food.

He showed me the class reciept. "When do u start class?" I asked, repeatedly. He came up to me and made a snide remark with his hand, "Eiw! Brush your teeth!" He won't even answer the question. HELLO! He signed up for computer class couple months ago. He haven't start the class yet. I guessed he is NOT serious about the class.

Miguel surprised me with my favourite candy, Spree! There are SIX of them! He always think of me. Ooh, how sweet!

drunk once again

10:30 AM - Miguel went to bed. THANK GOD! I took it back. More like passed out!

11 AM - Miguel woke up. He wanted me to make some scrambled eggs. Hello! He already brought breakfast for him. Therefore, I won't make the eggs. Miguel used the restroom. He ate his food again. He grabbed another cup, but I stopped him. He can use the same cup. He just had a glass of milk a short time ago.

I decided to put the names next to the videos. It is easy to keep track of the videos. I have to go through all the posts with the videos and look for the names to the videos too. I have no ideal what videos is what. LOL.

He asked for permission to watch some TV with the headphones. I gave him the controls. He turned on the TV. Few minutes later, Miguel wanted me to put in a movie. I picked his favourite, The Prince Of Egypt. Hopefully, he won't be a pest and fall asleep during the movie!

30 minutes into the movie, Miguel fell asleep. I heard the loudness from the headphone. The TV was that damn loud! I turned the DVD player off. I turned the TV off too. I made a quick video, spree surprise.

spree surprise

11:51 AM - I think I lay down for a while. Play me some chess and eat some spree candy! Maybe, I get sleepy too. I took some pics of his drunk ass! Most times, I do that. Hey! Why not? Miguel knows what he is getting into with me while DRUNK. He have a pretty good chance of getting video and picture. I took some pics of the candy too.

NOON - I ate Spree. I played three chess games.

1 PM - I took a short nap till 1:30 PM. Living with Miguel was on my mind when I woke up. It need to end soon. I can't go in living like this. I need to do something fast. I don't know how much long I can take this. I gasped for some air. I hoped he get an apartment soon. It have been one long nightmare. Miguel was still sleeping.

1:49 PM - Miguel woke up in a panic. He thought he need to go to work right now. "No," I said. "It is my day off," he fell asleep.

I was testing out something. Putting the name of the video on top of the video. I kinda like it on the side, but it doesn't hold the whole name on the side. Hmm, I like it on the bottom. It looked like more professional!

2:08 PM - I got hungry. I ate some mango. I was still putting the names under the video.

4:06 PM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom. He mentioned he got me some candy. I told him that it was sweet of him. He brought up the classes again. He looked for the reciepts. I was looking at them. Some alcoholics are so absent minded. He forget he told me about the classes this morning, DRUNK! He will also take a business class too. That's kewl. He won't be home that often! Yes! The business class starts on Monday.

He need to see the lady, Leah, about the paper. "Do u want to go?" "No," I said. "Why did I ask?" "Because you did. That's why," I said.

class receipts

4:18 PM - Miguel hopped back into bed.

4:30 PM - I checked the mail. Miguel got some mail, not the mail he wanted. He haven't recieve the letter from Maricela. He really need to letter to get his own apartment. I gave him the mail. He was happy that the bill come on time this time. Last time, it came a week late.

"Are you going to miss me?" Miguel asked. "Yes," I said. "You won't miss me," he said. "You know why," I said.

Miguel called Leah about the paper. Yes, she recieved the fax. He wanted to go, but he won't make it on time. They closed at 5:30 PM. The Sunset bus takes too long. He will see her on Monday to get a copy for the court on Wednesday.

Miguel wanted me to remind him to call his manager in two hours. I mentioned the message was "kill kazz falcon." He promised he won't stay in touch when he gets his place. I doubt it thou. He is one BAD apple to get rid of; he keeps on coming back.

Miguel used the headphones for the TV. He couldn't watch it thou. It was still in video. I put it on TV for him.

5 PM - I went back to bed for more chess.

6 PM - I took a shower. Then, I watched Family Guy. Miguel fell asleep with the headphones.

6: 30 PM - Miguel's boss called. Miguel slept through the phone call.

7 PM - I woke Miguel up. It was time to call his work. Wouldn't you know it? He will call some other time. He still doesn't know that his boss called. Oh well.

8:30 PM - Miguel called his job about a server job opener at the restuarant. Last night, he saw the listing on the wall. He was interested for the job. After a good talking to the boss, he got the job! He will still work at night thou at the hotel. He will have two jobs - the restuarant and the hotel. Things are looking up for Miguel. Everything is going his way for a change.

10 PM - Fox 11 News. We learned that they reached a verdict in the OJ Simpson Las Vegas robbery trial. OJ didn't show up at court yet. They will go LIVE when it happens!

10: 51 PM - LIVE! They read the verdict for Clarence Stewart first. Dear lord! He was guilty on all twelve counts. You do know what it mean. OJ will be guilty too. No surprise there.

It was 13 years to the day after he was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend in Los Angeles.

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