Tuesday, October 28, 2008

first apartment warning

I got my first apartment warning on october 27, 2008, Monday.

On Wednesday October 22, 2008, at 8:30 PM a visitor of yours by the name of Miguel was standing outside the property, behaving in a drunken manner and yelling at people passing by.

At 1 AM, he was laying in the grass in front of the property virtually passed out.

His behavior is a violation of the lease and interferes with the peace and enjoyment of the other tenants.

In the past several months I have seen him yelling outside your door to the point where other residents and myself have to escort him out and have witnessed him trying to climb over the entrance gate, all while he was intoxicated.

This behavior can not be tolerated and since he is your guest, you are responsible for him.

If his behavior on the property continues, it will be considered a violation of your lease and will eventually result in the termination of your lease.

Please take this Notice as a formal warning that any future occurrences may result in your eviction.

You may respond and discuss this Notice with your Lesser if you wish to do so within 10 days.

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