Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15 October 2008, Wednesday

6:45 AM - I woke up. I didn't sleep good at all. I woke up a few times during the night. I'm still tired.

7:07 AM - I decided to get the times from a channel. I still need to split some videos into separate videos. I noticed someone left a message from three weeks ago.

what happened to scareykatt's channel??

even some people missed me on youtube.

This channel didn't have much, except the homeless miguel videos. I checked another channel, no such luck.

7:30 AM - Video titles

7:50 AM - I found a very draining video! Man, I was really begging Miguel to stay. I offered him some ALCOHOL. I didn't want him to go out at night. I was concerned for his safety. Hello! He was very DRUNK! A car could hit him. I even offered to go with him. Sadly, he left me behind.

draining video

9:05 AM - I tried to upload the draining video on vloggerheads. I got this email.

Your video upload on VloggerHeads did not complete due to a conversion error.

That is the third time happened within a few days. It happened to the other people too. It seems like I need to find another video site. They really need to fix the problem soon.

9:14 AM - I read on perezhilton that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting a divorce!

The divorce was coming from a mile away. They had problems for some time. They couldn't work out the problems.

They didn't sign a prenup either! Oh, man! Things would get pretty ugly!

NOON - I'm going to take a break from the video titles. I will do Earth Journal for a little while. I have two months left.

1:05 AM - I posted HIV Bareback Sex in this journal. I noticed I have ONE comment. Man! I hardly go back for the comments. I figured no one will response to any of my posts.

This is the ONE comment.


Quoc said...

Sorry you had a bad experience. Don't let it get you down... It's the voice of one very narrow-minded person. Clearly he didn't have much to do to want to spend time attacking ya... It's cool that you are honoring your truth and what you like. It's refreshing!

I live in WeHo too by the way! :o)

I wished I have known about his comment earlier. I will have write back to him.

I checked out his great profile. I saw he have a journal too. Yes, I checked it out.

As I read correctly, he goes to AA meetings. Also, he filed bankruptcy last year. Shades of Miguel!

This asian dude have great head. He wants to fixed his life by going to AA meetings and filing the bankruptcy. It's a shame that Miguel isn't like him. Yes, Miguel filed bankruptcy last month, but that is NOT good enough at all.

Miguel's life is still one ALCOHOLIC mess!

1:31 PM - The damn word verification is back! DAMN!

2:11 PM - I finally completed Earth Journal! YEAH! It took me a week.

2:16 PM - I got a email from a vloggerheads friend.

Hi, I have been following you and Miguel's story. Do you have another web site where I can watch the videos? I have a friend that drinks all the time and your thoughts and videos really help me, thanks

This is my email to my friend.

I'm so happy you asked!
my blog have EXTRA EXTRA videos.

I am trying to reach out for help with my videos and this blog.
I want people to see FIRST HAND in the videos and to understand the effects that the alcohol is destroying OUR LIFE together - mine and his.
This is about getting help we both need for OUR addiction.
The videos are a plead for help with OUR LIFES.

3 PM - I haven't had any lunch yet. I cooked me some scrambled eggs. Yummy!

4:20 PM - I took a shower!

4:45 PM - I'm getting rid of SPAM comments from the journals.

6:07 PM - No mail. I left the front door open.

6:09 PM - I think I cook some pasta for dinner, lots of it! I had a tiny lunch few hours ago.

The pasta was so damn good!

6:40 PM - blogtv - whatthebuck

Buck is broadcasting LIVE from Los Angeles. Some people wondered about his wedding ring; he was acting today for Hooking Up.

8:53 PM - I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

I was doing my blog and trying to get the right 411 for the blog. I like it to be accurate. Yes, I found the name of the place, California Plaza Water Court.

Any way, I clicked on the link and the whole computer FROZE! I lost everything I written down in this blog! I don't have that good memory to rewrite it! I restarted the damn computer too!

I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

9:48 PM - I closed the door. I brushed my teeth. I think I watch some news at ten. Then, bed time.

10:21 PM - Once again, upload california plaza water court for this blog. It didn't went through the last time.

Forget it! For some reason, same thing happen again. I will try it tomorrow.

Going to bed soon. Good night!

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