Sunday, October 19, 2008

2008 october 19, sunday

8:10 AM - I woke up. Man, I'm still tired! It was another sleepless night. Miguel turned on the TV; the headphones was plug in.

"Do you want to watch some TV?" Miguel asked.

"No," I said.

8:22 AM - I saw an tweet from ChristopherMast.

ChristopherMast glad I brought my Mac... making out a new will now.

scareykatt @ChristopherMast I can get into that. Please buy me a new macbook and I will fill out my will. Of course, I will LEAVE everything for u. LOL

Oh, man! I sure LOVE LOVE LOVE my sense of humor. LOL

8:30 AM - I checked the washing machines. Kewl! No one is using them. I told Miguel let's wash clothes. He fixed the clothes for me. He mentioned cold for the colors. I put the clothes in the machine. I went back to the place.

"Did we get everything?" I asked.

"Yes," he said.

I noticed the pink shirt on the chair. Hmm, I wondered who they belong to.

"You forget my shirt."

"You was closer to it. Wash it too."

I took of the white shirt and put on a different PINK shirt. I put the rest in the machine. I added the quaters.

"Miguel, cold, right?"

"Yes. My black pants is in the colors. I don't want them to be ruin."

8:44 AM - I started the machines. Now, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can kill for me. Hey, why not? I claimed I started the machines. I'm in control. Hey, Arnold, start terminate all my enemies! Pronto!

Miguel fell asleep during the cartoon.

9:25 AM - I checked on the clothes. The whites was done. I left the door open for the whites. The colours has four minutes left. I need to wash my smelly hands. I went back inside. I washed my hands in the restroom. The colors had two minutes. I forgot the softerner sheets. I went in for the box and back to the laundry. The colours was done. I put the whites in the dryer. His black pants didn't do well in the washing machine. It had lync all over.

I went back to the place and woke Miguel up.

"Do you me to dry the black pants?" He didn't get it. I asked him again.

"No," he said. I grabbed the pants from the laundry and gave it to him. I showed him the lync. He figured that's okay. He can wear them like that.

9:35 AM - I went to the laundry. I put the colours in the dryer. I started the dryers. I put 75¢ for the whites; 45 minutes. I put $1 for the colours an hour. I may put another quarter in the dryer. There are lots of colours clothes. Some of them will be damp. I went back inside. Miguel was in the restroom. Once again, I mentioned I could wash them. He asked about the other clothes. I told him the other clothes are fine. He won't worry about the black pants. They are fine.

I went back to the laundry and started the dryers. I went back inside. I saw Miguel was reading this journal online.

"What's the processing video?" He asked.

"I upload an video and it took forever. The video file was too damn big."

"What's it about?"

"About me," I lied, knowing he will be upset. The video was mostly about him and last night.

I went online for more details of this journal. Miguel watched Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse on Qubo.

After 10 AM - Miguel got my attention. He was doing the master. He wanted me to join. I didn't want to. I can do the master later on, but I did the master with him. Yes, guys, we have the same master. LOL

10:09 AM - Miguel mentioned I need to take out the trash. It smells.

Miguel kissed me on the forehead and lay on the couch.

"Is today Sunday?" he asked.


10:12 AM - I checked on the clothes. The whites has 7 minutes; colours has 22 minutes. I quickly do the lync. I put another quarter for the colours. The whites have 6 minutes. I went back inside.

10:18 AM - The clothes again. One minute for the whites; 31 minutes for the colours. The whites was done. I put them in the basket.

10:20 AM - I went inside.

"The whites are done," I said.

I sat at the desk. He got up and did the whites.

"The whites are clean," Miguel said.

"That's because I did them," I said, jokingly.

"Some shirts are done. Oh, they were on the bottom." He finished laying the clothes on the arm of the red couch. He watched TV again.

10:30 AM - I thought of a great sign, DFZ! I should put them on the front door. That's pretty kewl. There won't be any troubles or else.

10:36 AM - The colours again. I took out some clothes. I was this close to take them in. I changed my mind. I put them in the dryer. I cleaned the lync. I added another quarter. NO MORE QUARTERS! 27 minutes to go.

10:40 AM - Hungry. I haven't had any breakfast. I looked in the icebox. Hmm, I will eat the rest of mango.

"What do you want for supper?" I asked. I noticed that he was not wearing the headphones for the TV. The TV was on.

"What's that?"


"We can have some pasta."

"Hamburger helper?" I asked.

"I can make pasta with the spaghetti sauce."

I sat at the desk, eating the mango.

10:47 AM - "How come you are not using the headphones?"

"I'm too lazy to scretch my arms," he laughed.

11 AM - "Did u eat all the mango?" Miguel asked.

"Yes," I said.

"I wanted a piece."

"You should have told me. It's too late." He looked in the icebox.

"You still have the pineapple," I said. He grabbed the pineapple.

"Use this bowl," I said. He took it from me and put it in the bowl. He had a piece.

"The pineapple is not sweet. It's sour," he said.

"I know. I had some last night."

11: 06 AM - I got the rest of the clothes from the laundry.

"Miguel, the clothes."

"I will do the clothes in a second." I closed the door.

"Time's up! Time's up again. That was two second. One. two," I said. Miguel used the headphones again.

11:20 AM - I folded the clothes. Miguel woke up.

"I fell asleep."

I know that.

11:31 AM - "Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked.

"No," he continued, "Do you?"


"Pick out a movie," he said.

"You told me 'NO,'" I said.

"I was kidding. Is there something on TV?"

"No," I said.

11:38 AM - Sanford & Son

12:38 PM - I wanted to make some Devil's Food cupcakes. I couldn't find any oil. I asked Miguel. He told me there was no oil; use the butter. It has 48% oil. Miguel helped me with the cake. He saw the last fruit cocktail. I got it down for him. I put the mix in the cupcake pan. He sat down on the couch. I mentioned the cocktail. He "forgot the cocktail." I asked for his help again. I hold the bowl and he put the rest of the mix in the pan. He opened the cocktail. I gave him the bowl container. I noticed he was SHAKING all over. Wow! It is the alcohol taking effect again. I didn't bring it up. He put the cocktail in the bowl. He laid on the couch. We watched Sanford & Son.

12:58 PM - I put the cake in the oven. 22 minutes.

1:08 PM - It's getting hot, thanx to the oven.

"Do you want to turn on the AC?" I said.

"No, I am fine," he continued, "Do you need it?"


1:22 PM - I took out the cupcakes. I used the toothpick. They was fine. I took out the cake. Even, the cake was fine too.

1:45 PM - I tasted the cupcakes. We did a excellant job! It tasted very good.

3 PM - We finished watching Sanford & Son. I put on All Stars Family Feud second disc.

4 PM - I woke up.

Eight Is Enough vs. The Love Boat on Family Feud. Out of the two, I was more into Eight Is Enough. I hardly watch The Love Boat back then.

4:37 PM - Heroes vs. Villians.

The villians won. Susan Lucci single handled won the $10,000 for her team.

5:26 PM - One Day At A Time vs. Benson. One Day At A Time won.

5:44 PM - Dallas vs. Eight Is Enough. Dallas won.

6:06 PM - One Day At A Time vs. Dallas.

Dallas won the $10,000. It was Dallas first time to be on Family Feud.

6:15 PM - The Simpsons on Fox11.

6:30 PM - King Of The Hill on Fox11.

7 PM - America's Funniest Home Videos on ABC.

I fixed a peanut butter sandwich for supper. Miguel will cook tomorrow instead. It's getting late to cook.

8 PM - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC.

8:53 PM - I opened up my eyes. Miguel looked through the closet for some toilet paper. He tried to grabbed it. I told him I will get it. Miguel walked away. I got the TP for him. I almost toss it to him. He used the restroom.

9 PM - Desperate Housewives on ABC.

Miguel fell asleep.

10 PM - FOX 11 news

10:15 PM - Brush my teeth.

11 PM - TMZ on Fox 11.

I checked my email. Most of them were SPAM. I kept the important ones. I got two messages from a friend on vloggerheads. thesmiths1013 sent the messages over ten hours ago.

Message #1

Hi, hope your doing okay, just wanted you to know that I really like following your days thru your blog. Its neat how you update it thruout the day. Thank you.


u could leave messages on the blog.
the blog is the best way to stay in touch.


Message #2.

question, did Miguel get his clothes this morning?


he went there after 1 AM last night.
his suitcase was NOT there.
someone stole it from the curb.
He found his jacket thou, nothing else.


12 AM - Good night.

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