Thursday, October 9, 2008

9 October 2008, Thursday

4:57 AM - I woke up so damn early. Miguel was already up. Really, I bet he watch the TV all night long. I used the restroom. I went back to bed. I couldn't sleep at all. I was too hot.

5:12 AM - I turned on the computer. Once again, the blue light blinked on and off! I hoped I don't need a new monitor. I really like the monitor.

I post spiritalien's AOL earth journal on blogger AGAIN! This time, under the spiritalien name.

6:45 AM - I paid my driver's license renewal online. It was very easy. Like always, it says Print this page for your records. I have NEVER EVER print a copy at all.

7:10 AM - I decided to add my OLD JOURNAL on this journal.

The first date is Monday, August 27, 2001.

It was my first time to do an online journal. Really, it started on a web site, then online journal.

7:35 AM - Miguel asked me to go with him to see Leah. I turned him down. I told him that I have stuff to do on the web. "Like what?" he asked. "I need to move my web site to a new site. AOL hometown is closing on Halloween." I showed him the email.

Dear AOL Hometown/FTP user,

We’re sorry to inform you that on Oct. 31, 2008, AOL® Hometown and FTP will be shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Though you will be able to modify your Hometown site and access FTP until this date, we urge you to save your AOL Hometown/FTP content immediately, and consider other options for hosting your site.
Read more about how to download and save your Hometown/FTP files here.

In the meantime, please bookmark the
People Connection Blog, where you can find out more about AOL Hometown/FTP. You can also subscribe to the People Connection Blog RSS feed to stay informed about any changes. We’ll be updating the People Connection Blog often, so please check it regularly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


The AOL Hometown Team

I don't want to lose my stuff from the site. He understood that.

7:45 AM - Miguel got ready - shave and shower.

Miguel put on his new clothes. He looked pretty good. I wanted to take a pic, but he refused. That's too bad. You would be impress too.

8:30 AM - Miguel asked me for $20. No way! He claimed that he need the money to file the papers at the place. HELLO! He filed some paper on Tuesday and they did NOT charge him that time. I don't think they will charge him for today.

Miguel seems upset with me. Well, I don't trust him with money. MONEY + Miguel = alcohol. No thanx! I don't need that.

He asked for his money from last night. The change from the pizza. I gave him back the ten. He left to see Leah at Western/Sunset.

9 AM - I turned off the KTLA news.

9:12 AM - I finished putting the old journal on this blog. YEAH!

The dates - August 2001 to November 2001, May 2002 and Ocotber 2002.

Now, you won't be CONFUSE with the old journal dates in this blog!

9:16 AM - It's time to put another journal in this blog. Scareykatt only have ONE entry, Hello Folks, from Thursday, October 03, 2002.


9:36 AM - Okay, guys! I'm back. Well, it looked like the big journal, Earth Journal, is the next to go. I think it will take two hours. It has 410 Posts, last published on Nov 28, 2005.

Yes, I'm so bad with journals! I don't do the journals every single day LIKE THIS JOURNAL!

9:42 AM - I better start now. See u in a few hours. Wish me luck!

10:02 AM - DRATS! I may not able to finish Earth Journal at all.

If you make a large number of posts in a single day, you will be required to complete word verification. After 24 hours, the word verification will automatically be removed.

I don't want to do word verification each time starting right now. It's a waste of time.

Yes, that's what I fear. I post the entry and started a new one. The word verification is BACK! I will finish the Augest 2003 posts. I am on the last post for August!

I decided to the the less posts for each month. July 2004 have ONE entry. I might as well get that one out of the well!

The word verification SUCKS! I can't read some letters! They are thisclose together!

11 AM - Ok, I'm going to stop doing the short ones too! The word verification SUCKS big time! When I type the RIGHT letters, it claimed it was wrong! That freaking sucks!

I think i do the titles for the videos again. Miguel is NOT here. He won't get mad about the videos!

2:15 PM - Miguel came home. He explained Leah wasn't there and waited for a while. She showed up. He need to go back to finish up the paper work tomorrow, then the place in downtown.

I edited a video, drunk before work. Damn! Miguel had a good chance to see it. I was right on the money. Miguel noticed I played
the video quickly.

"Thanx for exposing my life to the whole world. I can't believe it."

Well, Miguel! You exposed the alcohol problem in MY LIFE in 2000. Sadly, you made me a damn alcoholic with your FUCKING problem! You got YOURSELF to blame.

As I recalled, your alcohol problem made me HOMELESS in 2001.

Years later, we started where we left off - with your alcohol problem once again.

2:34 PM - Miguel plugged the headphones in the TV and turned on the TV. He walked to the kitchen. He turned off the light. He walked pass by me, whispering "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you." He lay down on the couch. I turned around. "What do u say?" He ignored me. He put the headphones on and watched TV.

3:50 PM - Miguel woke up. He put the headphones on the grounds. I turned around. "Sorry about that. Please turn off the TV," he said. "You have the controls beside you. It's on the couch." He got up. He unplugged the headphones. He grabbed the controls. He turned it off. He jumped into my bed. "7:30? Right?" I asked. "Yeah. Wake me up."

4:48 PM - I posted "Thanx for exposing my life to the whole world. I can't believe it." on another video site. I saw a scareykatt video. Someone claimed I am bitching about my situation.

I don't consider it to be BITCHING! The blogs AND vlogs are my personal dairy. I'm just letting the world to know what I'm struggle with.

Like everyone said, it's not good to keep it inside of u. Talk about it.

6:45 PM - I had some leftovers - two pieces of pineapple and ham pizza.

7:30 PM - I woke Miguel up. He ate the last piece of pizza. He decided he won't take a shower tonight. He took one this morning.

7:45 PM - He told me to woke him up at 9. "Do you want me to move out?" Miguel asked, several times. "It is best for you," I replied, several times. "Do you want me to move next month?" he asked. "Yes," I said.

Hello! That's the plan. Miguel have till Halloween to move. He have three weeks left. I'm counting the days!

9 PM - I checked the mail. He got a letter. He woke up by himself. I gave it to him. I put it on the red couch. Now, he want to be wake up at 9:30 PM.

9:30 PM - Miguel woke up. He got ready for work. It takes him 30 minutes.

10:07 PM - Miguel looked at his coin purse. "Where's my money?" he asked. "What money?" I asked. He looked at his pants. "Oooh! I see you accused me of stealing money from you. Now, I see how you are." He left without saying a word!

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