Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2008 october 29, wednesday

6:20 AM - woke up.

6:33 AM - I turned on the computer. I used the restroom. I sat at the desk. The monitor stll haven't come on. The blue light is blinking again. I have no ideal why that happen. It happened a few times before.

6:35 AM - I turned on the laptop. I can use it for the moment till the monitor comes on.

7 AM - Well, well, well. It's 7 AM. Hello! The damn blue light is still blinking. DAMN! I hoped I don't need to buy another monitor. This one cost a fortune. I really can't buy another one. I LOVE this monitor. It's a full screen. I don't like the wide screen. These days, no one is selling the full screen.

I wanted to take pic of the blue light. Hello! That was a very dumb and silly ideal! I won't capture the blinking light on the camera. I better use the camcorder instead.

7:06 AM - AlanDistro "noo!!!! 5AGs are ending!! its the best thing thats ever happend to youtube!!" - you all realize that we have personal channels too, right?

scareykatt @AlanDistro 5AGs is ending because of personal reasons? I do not MEAN drama either. I guessed no one have time any more for the channel.

7:40 AM - Wouldn't you know it? The damn monitor did NOT come on yet. I will turn it the computer off and film it.

7:43 AM - I turned it off. I will wait for a while.

7:52 AM - I was about to use the restroom again. The damn blue light was STILL blinking right after I turned the computer off nine minutes ago!

7:56 AM - I turned on the computer again. I taped it.
help! the monitor!

7:59 AM - It happened again. DAMN! DOUBLE DAMN!

9:12 AM - This past hour I tried to fix the monitor. No luck whatsoever. Even some people helped me online. I will take a break. I will try again after I get back from the store.

9:22 AM - grocery shopping.

10:07 AM - Home and sweating.

10:13 AM - South Park, the 5th season.

12: 16 PM - I watched 5 episodes. I put it on I Love Lucy.

12:18 PM - I turned on the computer. The monitor won't come on. DAMN!

12:27 PM - The blue light is back. It's blinking again.
1 PM - Days Of Our Lives
1:15 PM - I washed the dishes.

1:36 PM - I turned off the computer. I don't think I will mess around with it any more.

2 PM - I turned off the TV.

4:50 PM - No mail.
4:55 PM - I'm going back of sorting out very old AND useless papers. I did that this past hour or two.
6:45 PM - Shower
7:05 PM - Done with shower.
7:28 PM - Upload HELP! the monitor! video on youtube. Hopefully, someone can help me.

7:48 PM - coollike Had a nice walk on the beach, even though I mistook a rock for a person at one point and got scared xD

scareykatt @coollike I got you beat. I mistook a SNAKE for a stick. MY friend run as fast as he could. I stood FROZEN! his uncle came back with a gun.

8 PM - I deleted over 200 pics from my camera. I didn't have enough space to take more space this evening. Now, I take some pics of my hair. The hair is coming along nicely.

8:19 PM - Picture time! The pics turned out great.

8:24 PM - Honey sandwich for supper!

9:50 PM - brush my teeth.

10 PM - KTLA 5 news.

10:45 PM - Brian called about the monitor. He wanted to know what kind. I gave him the make. He looked for some information. He mentioned that other people have the same problem. He sent me a link.

I clicked on the link.

Ensure the computer is really sending a video signal. To bring the computer out of suspend mode: move the mouse, press the spacebar, and press the suspend button on the keyboard twice (the suspend button has an icon that looks like a quarter moon).

I followed the instructions to the T. Wouldn't you know it? It did not work at all. I switched the monitor, mouse and the keyboard to the old computer. Once again, IT DID NOT WORK! That sucks. Man, what did I do wrong?

12:08 AM - I umuted the TV. That 70's Show was on. Eiw! It was the last season. I don't like the new guy. They should have end the show when Togher Grace left after the second season.

12:30 AM - Everyone Loves Raymond.

12:40 AM - bed

Tomorrow's plans

This time, buy some cereal at Smart & Final. That reminds me. I need to put the card in the wallet. I will go to the post office in west hollywood first. I wanted to shop at Smart & Final this morning, but the damn monitor happened.

good night.

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