Monday, October 6, 2008

6 October 2008, Monday

6:45 AM - I woke up. I took a quick shower. I have a long morning with Miguel. We pick up my mail at the post office. Miguel need to see Leah about his court date on Wednesday.

7: 25 AM - Miguel came home. He mentioned he won't go home at 4 AM in the morning. It's scarey in downtown. Instead, he stayed at work for couple more hours.

11:55 PM - We got home from dowtown. Miguel turned on the AC. I used the restoom. Miguel ate his sandwich. He put the TV on KCOP 13 for I Love Lucy at noon. I set the alarm at 7:30 PM. I lay down on the bed for a little while. I was very hot. Miguel fell asleep during the first episode.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

2 PM - I turned off the TV.

3:38 PM - I need to take a quick nap. I'm sleepy.

4:18 PM - The phone woke me up.

A while later, Miguel woke up. He used the restroom. He drank some milk. I turned on the AC for him. He slept on the bed. I continued doing the titles for the videos.

7:30 PM - Miguel woke up. He took a shower.

8 PM - Dancing With The Stars.

I may not be online during the TV shows. I hardly watch my shows while I'm online. I focus on the web. LOL.

9:30 PM - Miguel got dressed.

10 PM - Miguel went to work. The door remain close. I watched the news for a little while. I did more titles for the videos.

12:08 AM - I'm falling alseep. I couldn't do any more videos. I'm at 263. Bed time. Good night!

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