Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 October 2008, Sunday

5 AM - I woke up. Man, I need to stop waking up so damn early! I am not a early bird.

6 AM - I put an excerpt from yesterday's post on Vloggerheads. I called it, Miguel claimed he is SORRY. Whatever! KimOsh quickly responded to it.

Comment by KimOsh

I hope you're seeking professional help in this case. Like AA, counseling, sounds like it's necessary. Take care of yourself.

Comment by scareykatt


thanx for your wonderful support.

as long Miguel remains the way he is - an alcoholic, I want no part of him.

After all, he wants to die from his drinking.


One more thing, he came back from looking for another place.

he mentioned "Now, I can go. drink as much I want!"

that comment will CONTINUE to destroy his life!

Comment by KimOsh

even if you seperate...YOU still need help. You don't realize it but when you're in a relationship like's damaging to everyone involved.

Comment by scareykatt

YOU still need help. - KimOsh

That I need.

Kicking him out is the BEST MOVE of my life.

I won't have to deal with him.

I can move on with my life.

lost cause video has THAT COMMENT.

"Now, I can go. drink as much I want!"

7:30 AM - Breakfast time.

8:50 AM - Editing the videos again. I still have lots to sort out!

11 AM - I'm still doing the videos. I found a great video I never put online. It was pretty great! I called it "my life IS your life." There is one thing I know for sure. NOT ANY MORE! His life is NOT my life!

my life IS your life

2 PM - I finally reached 400 edited videos! There are some videos I haven't put online. There are MORE videos I haven't edit yet!

I think I take a break. I haven't eat lunch yet. I finished off the fruit cocktail.

8 PM - Yes, I'm still at it. All day long eiditing the videos with titles.

I found a very DISTURBING video. Miguel admitted I gave him a bloody head. Damn! I forgot I have it! At least, I won't get in trouble. Of course, I will deny everything!

bloody twisted violence

9:30 PM - I grabbed my camcorder. I accidentally knocked the webcam to the floor! Not again! Thankfully, the cam works just fine. I went to the restroom. I filmed brushing my teeth! It was not a PRETTY sight at all. LOL. It was one bloody mess!

Then I went back to the edit video. It was good, but not great. I will put the middle part in a video; the middle part was pretty awesome. It deserved its own video. Hopefully, it will put Miguel in a much better light. Believe me. Miguel is NOT a bad person at all. He only has a drinking problem.

10:10 PM - I'm quite proud of the new video. It's the best video I ever did of Miguel. He would love it too. I like the name too. The name suite him brillantly. The name is Nice Guy After All. It will put him in a better light. Everyone will KNOW what kind of person Miguel really is. Miguel is a nice guy after all, despite his alcohol problem.

nice guy after all

10:40 PM - I edited nice guy after all three times. I didn't want any talking at the end of the video. There was talking for the first two. It was a great ending. Miguel mentioned he brought me a chocolate muffin, which the muffin was the last scene.

On that note, I'm crashing soon. After I listened to the music of my favourite singer, Divine.

Good night.

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