Wednesday, October 8, 2008

8 October 2008, Wednesday

6:35 AM - I woke up.

The time has come to make another video about youtube. I was planning of doing it on my one month anniversary. First, I use my webcam! Man, it took me over ten freaking times. The last one was pretty good.

Why not use my camcorder instead? I won't use the webcam video at all. I need to use the camcorder any way. Hey, I got the emails, Smosh, Renetto and what else?

With the camcorder, the first take turned into many many takes! The second video to the last, Miguel called me. Damn! That video was all right.

Miguel mentioned that everything went well, except he need to see Leah again. Leah forget to sign a paper or something of that sort. He told me to turn on the AC. He hung up the phone. I turned on the AC.

8 october 2008, wednesday

I finished the first half of the video. Now, it was time for the second half before Miguel get here.

After 10 AM - Once again, the phone interrupted my near perfect video! Damn! I wished he could call two minutes later. Miguel wanted me to bring the cart to 7/11. I put on my shoes and left.

meet at seven eleven

I arrived at 7/11. Miguel wasn't there. He just walked across the corner with the food. He demanded me to walk across the street to him. I walked to him. Miguel put the stuff in the cart. We went home.

For the upteenth time, MIGUEL WAS D R U N K!!!

I wasn't able to finish the second half of the video. Miguel keep on interrupting me. Damn!

12:31 PM - He ate some sweet bread. He fell asleep for a little while. He woke up. He made himself ANOTHER plate of sweet sweet bread and a second glass of milk! HELLO! He did NOT eat the first plate or drink the first glass of milk. I made a quick video about that.

2nd plate & milk

He fell asleep on the bed. I finished the video. Then, I edited the video. I named the video, youtube & little people. The same name I used it on my vloggerheads blog. I posted the new entry at 8 AM.

3:20 PM - Oops, I forgot to wake him up at 3. He want to see Leah this afternoon. He changed his mind. He want to stay home and sleep. He fell asleep.

4:18 PM - I snooped in Miguel's bag. There was no bottle. I looked in the bathroom. The laundry only had the dirty clothes. Nothing on the floor either. Oh, yeah! The towels. You got a WINNER here! There it was! I rushed to get my camcorder. I taped a quick video. I hid the bottle somewhere.

omg! again!

5:31 PM - I turned off the AC. Miguel didn't want me to. Well, I did and he can't do a damn thing about it.

6:50 PM - I checked the mail. Good! I have some best buy coupons. I hardly use them that much.

9:06 PM - The pizza came. Miguel ordered it at 8:15.

10:10 PM - I signed on as spiritalien. I switched Earth Journal to blogspot. It took a few minutes. Now, I have TWO earth journals on blogspot! LOL

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