Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 october 24, friday

7 AM - I woke up.

8:20 AM - For some reason, I email the journal dates to my email. There were two spaces between the paragraphs. I decided to use the old computer and put the journal dates on Microsoft word. Perhaps, copy it from work to the email and send it that way.

Things didn't work out as plan. I would try and try again later.

9:34 AM -
scareykatt @nerimon i didn't know u was on twitter. i am following u now. love your videos on youtube.

2 PM - I turned off the TV.

2:18 PM - I listened to music on yahoo messenger on the old pc.

3:45 PM - I made some Kool-aid and lemonade.

4 PM - Peanut Butter Sandwich.

4:05 PM - I turned off the music.

4:24 PM -
Toddly00 will u guys tell me a story?!

scareykatt @Toddly00 Abusive story. Guy beated someone up and stole over $390. The beaten guy went missing. there was NEVER a police report for crimes.

6 PM - I searched for scareykatt on yahoo. My old scareykatt playlist on youtube came up. I looked at the Miguel's playlist. I saw 16 June 2008 - Back-Story. I realized Miguel had that Marriott job over 5 months. Man, he did great with the longevity of the job. Like always, his drinking did his job in!

Why not Miguel stop? I know he can do it. The alcohol has complete control over his life. Come on, Miguel! Get with a program and stick with it! You will be better off.

Oh, yeah. The back story video was Miguel accused me saying FUCK to his employer. I didn't. It was a BIG misunderstanding on her part. I told her on the phone to FIRE him. Sooner or later, he will get fire. This past week, they FIRED him on October 21, 2008.

6:15 PM - I heard some neighbors laughing and having a great time with each other. I haven't had that in a long time. I was too occupy with Miguel and OUR problem this past year.

6:28 PM - I was about to check mail. Then, cook some pasta. This person IM me on yahoo messenger.

lyn_9310: hi
kattalien: hi
lyn_9310: how u doing?
kattalien: fine and yourself?
lyn_9310: doing good too
lyn_9310: where u from?
kattalien: west hollywood
kattalien: i'm about to cook. i am making some pasta. i haven't eat supper yet. it's getting late.
lyn_9310: sorry to disturbing
kattalien: some other time thou. have a great evening
lyn_9310: u too
lyn_9310: nice to talk to u
lyn_9310: night
kattalien: nite

6:35 PM - I checked the mail. Ooh, the gas bill. I won't open it! I already paid for it few months ago.

I looked for the small blue pot for the pasta. I can't find it anywhere. Somehow, Miguel and I misplaced it. I used a different one - the silver pot.

7:30 PM - The pasta was quite good. I used honey barbarcue sauce.

7:36 PM - AlanDistro Mostly happy with life right now. How are you?

scareykatt @AlanDistro me too, Alan, me too! I won't be seeing Miguel around that much. The apartment manager won't let him to come here any more. YEAH

9:15 PM - For over 30 minutes, I watched my friend's videos. I haven't watch Ron in a while. He moved to Korea this month. He took a teaching job. He is learning as he goes on. He still have lots to learn like the Korean language, the signs and such. It's a new adventure for him. I don't think I will ever move to a non english country. I will be very lost there!

11:30 PM - This past few hours, I was in dizzylizzy's stickam chat room. It was so much fun. I knew a few people like TexasRed63 and dreamer72fem. Those three are great to know. I met Lizzy through Stacey.

TexasRed63 is a different story altogether. We have a history since the 1990's. More details later. I'm getting tired right now. Time to hit the bed pretty soon.

11:58 PM - I looked outside for a little while. Man, it felt so nice outside. The breeze is wonderfully cool. I closed the door.

12:04 AM - Brush my teeth.

12:10 AM - Bed time. Good night!

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