Monday, October 27, 2008

2008 october 27, monday

6 AM - Woke up.

6:54 AM - caidenw Nothing to do today...

scareykatt @caidenw welcome to my world.........EVERY DAY!

7 AM - Listening Cascada - Piece Of Heaven again. I can't get enough. I saw the uploaded date -

8:AM - KTLA news came back online. I stuck with the TV.

10 AM - The View.

10:15 AM - Cheerios breakfast. After I remembered the Smith video, I'm still eating Cheerios. God help me! LOL.

10:20 AM - disneykid1 after a small kitchen fire i have deduced that i indeed do not know how to make pancakes.

scareykatt @disneykid1 After this pancakes song video, you will WANT to make pancakes to this music!

10:33 AM - What the hell! I tried to space 10 AM - 10:20 AM over three times. I published the post. Yet, it remained the same! DAMN!

10:38 AM - I repost the post. It remained the same again! DOUBLE DAMN!

11 AM - ABC 7 news.

I finally fixed the damn problem! I retyped it, starting with 8 AM. Now, everything is just fine!

11:16 AM - I decided to finish Wednesday's post. I haven't put any details about that night. I worked on some videos from that night too. Oh, man! The apartment manager stopped by and gave me a WARNING!

11:38 AM - The edited video looks awesome. I cut it down in half. The original was 18 minutes. The first part was good. I called the video, apartment manager warning. LOL

Noon - I turned off the TV.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives

1:12 PM - I finished the second video. Man, Miguel was too drunk to eat and laughing all the time.

1:21 PM - karpadiem my very busy day became very empty rather quickly.

scareykatt @karpadiem Empty? I really know the feeling quite well.

1:27 PM - tyleroakley Did you know you can type in a time of a YouTube video in your comment and it will create a link that, when clicked, will go to that time?

scareykatt @tyleroakley I noticed the time link for the videos. I wondered about it.

1:30 PM - nerimon uploaded a video about New York called M&M World :D *and is really proud of it*

scareykatt @nerimon where is the link? most people will post the links in the TWEETS too. like this whatthebuck link.

1:44 PM - nerimon @scareykatt is there anyone following me that doesn't know me from YouTube? Just go to YouTube, I'm not doing all the work, blimey xD

scareykatt @nerimon good point. i hoped u click on the whatthebuck link. it is a brand new story about your favourite youtuber, WTB. the story is great

2 PM - I turned off the TV.

2:45 PM - I used the restroom. I opened the front door. I heard a black guy talking on the phone about his wife. I think he thought I was eavesdropping on him. Not really. About every day, I will open my door for the fresh air. I don't use the fan or the AC that much. The guy just left. It seems like he was applying for an apartment.

I made more ice.

3:30 PM - 30 more minutes till Nerimon's show on blog tv.

3:33 PM - nerimon @scareykatt is it a link to Hooking Up ... *sigh* I'm scared to click

scareykatt @nerimon trust me. It's not. new WTB story

nerimon is starting BlogTV in half an hour - come join the build-up fun!

scareykatt @nerimon I'm already in your blogtv room now. it is 3:33 PM in Hollywood.

3:55 PM - I used the restroom. I checked the mail. Miguel got something. I will save it for him. It must be that important. I threw the Columbia House mail away. I don't want to order any movies from them right now.

4 PM - Nerimon is on!

4:02 PM - Mongoos150 just watched Kill Bill vol.1

scareykatt @Mongoos150 kill bill vol 1 & 2 are great movies. i have them on DVD. I brought them at Target on Santa Monica/La Brea.

4:30 PM - I got hungry. I didn't eat anything for lunch. I decided to eat the Captain's Choice Cooked Shrimp. Thank goodness I put it out this morning.

I turned on the laptop to make some shrimp videos. There were lots of takes. I hate doing the take more than one time. One take is good enough for me.

Anyway, I settled for the last video. It was a actual real mistake thou. I messed up the joke big time. See the video below.

After 5:30 PM - I was editing the video. The manager stopped by. He knocked on the door and left an envelope. I asked about the top people. He mentioned their letter was in envelope. I grabbed it from the cabinet.

"Do you want him to be here?" he asked.

"Not when he is drinking. He won't be here for a while."

"It is up to you. His actions reflects on you."

"Nah. I don't want him to come over."

"Okay. It is just a warning," he walked away.

The conversation was something like that. I don't remember it all. It is just an ideal.

I went to the desk. I read the letter. Oh, man! They mean business big time! Here is the last part if the letter.

Please take this Notice as a formal warning that any future occurrences may result in your eviction. You may respond and discuss this Notice with your Lesser if you wish to do so withing ten days.

I won't discuss it with them. The only person I need to discuss it is with the damn alcoholic, Miguel! Hopefully, Miguel will stay away from me AND my place for a very long time. I don't want to see him right now. He got me into so much trouble.

8 PM - Dancing With The Stars.

9:30 PM - Samatha Who?

10 PM - KTLA 5 news

10:38 PM - Brian called about the first apartment warning & Miguel. I mentioned I was not shooken up; I was expecting the letter. I could lose my apartment. Miguel would make me HOMELESS for a second time.

2008 october 27, monday

10:50 PM - Brush my teeth.



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