Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 october 22, wednesday

6:53 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I went online.

8:20 AM - Miguel called. He wanted me to put his clothes in a bag and leave it outside for him. He doesn't want to be seen at my apartment. Miguel can come in the place and do it himself.

He must be hungry and in need of a shower. I have an excuse for him to come in for his clothes. Pretty clever of me. He said he will be here in 2/3 hours.

2008 october 22, wednesday

9:28 AM - Miguel called me from Lucy's He wanted me to bring his stuff to him. Nope. I didn't pack his stuff. He can sort out the clothes.

2008 october 22, wednesday #1

9:30 AM - I left for Lucy's.

Few minutes later, I walked into Lucy's. I saw him walking to a table with a subway sandwich. Oh, crap! Now, we have to stay till he finish his food. I told him that I didn't bring his bag. He got angry and yelled at me. I mentioned he can pack his clothes. He refused to go with me. He wanted to know why I kicked him out. I walked away. This guy sat at a table with the laundry lady. He wondered what's up. I told him that he was drunk.

"9:34 AM. This time of the morning?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. I went over to Miguel again. He was still screaming.

A starbuck worker came over. I told the worker the same thing; he is drunk.

"Do you brought something at Starbuck?"

"No," I said.

"You need to go back over there. This area is for Starbuck customers."

"Let's go, Miguel," I said.

The same guy caught my attention again. He mentioned that his boss will throw him out if he don't leave; the boss is real mean too. I saw Miguel throw away his sandwich and walked out of the door.

I followed him. "Don't follow me. I'm going home," Miguel said.

"Let's pick up your stuff." He refused to go. I pulled him to go with me. He complained and cried all the way. One big scene after the next!

We turned around the corner. We walked up. Miguel admitted he was in pain again. He stopped walking and sat down near the window on the right of the building. I grabbed his bag. I pleaded with him. He refused again. I persauded him to come. We were almost home. He wanted his bag. I told him that I won't give him the bag; he need to come to my place first. We walked up to the street; he blabbing. I hardly paying attention to him. I want to get it over as soon as possible. He confessed he still loves me; the love of his life and so forth. WHATEVER!

10 AM - We finally arrived at my place. More drama and such. Sadly, I found out the video 203 is not working. See NOON and 12:20 PM for more details. I have to go by memory. Damn! I don't have good memory.

Miguel looked at the closet, whispering and crying.

"How come you didn't say that to me before? You didn't want to see me again. I don't want this one," Miguel looked at more clothes, "Baby, where can I put it? Give me a bag. Where can I put it? Please."

I went to the restroom. I emptied out a Ralphs bag. I showed him the bag.

"Is this okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. That's fine. Do you know what? This is the clothes I need to look for a job," he said, putting his clothes in the bag.

packing miguel's clothes

I told him to take a shower. He didn't want to at first.

"Why should I take a shower? Please! Miguel, you smell," I said.

"Who cares?" he asked.

"Miguel! Come on," I said.

"Does somebody cares?" Miguel asked.

I persauded him. I promised I will cook the scrambled egges for him while he showers. He didn't want nothing to eat. He suggested I cook them for me.

michael, miguel & the phone

10:07 AM - "What time is it?" he asked. I looked at the computer.

"10:07," I said. Miguel used the phone by the bed. He called Michael, then tried to persaude me to let him stay.

"Kaz, do u want me to leave right away?"

"No, you don't have to," I said.

"Stay for how long?" he asked.

"How long...when do you want to leave?" I replied.

"I don't have a job," he said.

"I know that. When do you want to leave?" I asked.

"Like a month," he said.

"Miguel!" I sounded upset!

"Just tell me. Just tell me," he said.

"NO!" I said.

"Okay. Do you want me to leave in a couple of days? Like tomorrow." he asked.

"Miguel!" I sat on the couch.

"I have to leave tomorrow," he said.

He talked to Michael again. Miguel looked at me. "What?" he asked.

"You can stay for a couple of hours, then leave. Okay," I said.

I got off the couch into the kitchen. Miguel finished talking on the phone. He walked to me.

"Don't cook anything. I need to leave. I have to take a shower and I have to leave."

"Miguel." I followed him to the restroom. He turned on the water.

"I thought you want some eggs," I said.

"I don't want them. Nothing. I don't want nothing. I just...I just...I just want to go home. I don't have a home. I want to go home. I don't have a home. So, forget about it. Okay. That's okay."

He took a shower; I looked at his bag. I got some papers and such. I put them on the bed. I looked at the black notebook.

1 minute egg

10:21 AM - Miguel opened the door. He was done with his shower. He thought I cooked the eggs.

"Kaz," Miguel said.

"Yes." I said.

"Oh, oh, good, good, good, ooh," He sounded disappointed.

I walked to the kitchen. "You forget it. You can have it later," he said.

"I can cook them quite fast," I said.

"No," he said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

"It will take one minute," I said.

"I will go somewhere else. Going somewhere else," he said.

"Miguel," I walked back to the bed.

"You can have them for you. Hmm, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Okay," he said.

"Sorry about what?" I asked.

"Because you crack them in the pan," he said, grabbed some underwear.

new apartment & no job?

Miguel gave me good news. His friend, Michael, have this friend. THAT friend will help him to get an apartment in downtown. Huh? Michael and HIS friend shouldn't do that. Miguel does NOT have a job to pay rent for the apartment. No apartment manager in THEIR right mind will give a jobless person an apartment. Miguel explained that Michael will pay for the first month rent and the deposit. Michael should know better than that. For crying out loud, Miguel is NOT able to hold down a job AND an apartment. Hello, Michael! Miguel is a ALCOHOLIC! Michael shouldn't trust Miguel at all. Miguel's life is not getting any better. He still need to deal with his alcohol problem.

gray pants

Miguel looked his gray pants. He thought I hid them. We searched for them in the restroom. He want to wear the green pants. NO WAY! They stink! He wondered if I will let him to pick up his green pants for the dry cleaners. Of course. He went on that I don't care about my drapes; I need to wash them again.

Mind you, Miguel did a WONDERFUL job of making the drapes for me. At first, I didn't like it. I didn't want him to cut up the drapes. My other friend, Taylor, designed my apartment for me, including the drapes, six years ago. Miguel proved me wrong with the drapes.

Miguel looked for the gray pants in the closet. "What other pants can I wear?" he asked, "I have the gray one. Where are the gray ones?"

I moved the Ralphs bag to the couch. I sat in my chair.

"Baby, cook the eggs for you," he said.

"Okay. I will cook them later," I said.

"Okay," he said, continued looking in the closet.

"Kaz," he said.

"Yes?" I said.

"I have those gray pants. Those gray pants. No, those are too big for me. Can you help me to find them?" he asked.

"Maybe, maybe, it's in the bag," I said, pointed at the bag.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I didn't put them in a bag,"

"Miguel, this bag right here," I grabbed the bag.

Miguel walked up and checked the bag.

"You are right, baby. I'm sorry. Sorry," he put on the pants.

lost brown shoes

He looked for his shoes. He couldn't find them in the closet. I helped to look. I looked under the white couch. It wasn't there. He will wear other shoes during the job hunting. He want to be nice for them. He grabbed more shirts from the closet. He put them in the bag.

mean prank

I pulled a mean prank on Miguel; I took his driver's license. He checked his green bag. He realized I took it. I played it off. You know, playing dumb. He was angry and shouting. You should have been his fiery eyes. He was about to beat me up. He called me EVIL! LOL.

He got his bags and left. I went after him. He was already out of the door. I yelled, "Miguel!"

He came back. I gave him his driver's license. I closed the gate. I walked away. Once again, he called me EVIL and MEAN BITCH! I went into my place.

11:38 AM - I finally cooked some breakfast; scrambled eggs.

11:41 AM - I ate the eggs.

11:46 AM - I finished breakfast.

11:53 PM - Damn! There was a tweet from buckhollywood. Damn! I missed a LIVE taping of his video.

buckhollywood gonna go live and film a what the buck show!

I love watching his LIVE shows on blogtv. He always put on a good show.

Noon - I restarted the computer. Why? Video 203 seems not working right. The audio works, not the video! Somehow, video 203 was damaged! I even put video 203 in windows movie maker TWO times. It didn't work either! Damn! video 203 supposed to be #2 of today. video 203 started at 10 AM. I wondered how can I fix video 203.

12:07 PM - Miguel called. He begged to let him stay. NO THANX! He made his bed. He need to lay in it.

2008 october 22, wednesday #2

12:20 PM - I realized that video 203 is when I left to pick up Miguel at Lucy's. video 204 is at the apartment with Miguel; shower and all. video 203 contains about last five minutes with Miguel inside.

12:30 PM - I edited 2008 october 22, wednesday #2; the nudity went bye bye. Video 204 is now #2.

1 PM - Damn! The news is on! Damn! I think there is no Days today. Damn!

1:02 PM - YEAH! Days Of Our Lives is on! I continued to edit the video! It is a long video!

1:50 PM - A neighbor stopped be. She need to use a copy machine for her ID and SS number. Her boss need them. Yes, I lied. I don't have one. The apartment manager was out; he can't make no copies either.

1:59 PM - I uploaded the 43 minutes video! I turned off the TV.

2:17 PM - I realized I need to reedited the 43 minutes video again. There are some thing I don't want you to see. Besides, no one want to watch a very boring video; the good stuff was at the very end!

2:18 PM - I cancelled the upload at 54M.

2:21 PM - I uploaded 2008 october 22, wednesday #3.

2:24 PM - Editing the long video.

2:51 PM - I'm still editing! Typing word by word for this blog. It's taking forever!

3:13 PM - I decided to separate the video into small ones. It's best that way. Then, I have to rename #3 to #2. Yes, it's confusing.

3:28 PM - I'm working on the second small video.

4:29 PM - buckhollywood LIVE NOW! EARLY! YAY! come say hi!

4:30 PM - buckhollywood's LIVE blogtv.

4:50 PM - Buck revealed he is a Falcon. Really, the mascot for his former school. I mentioned that I'm a Falcon. Falcon is my LAST name!

4:54 PM - I ate the last cupcake. I had three earlier this afternoon.

4:58 PM - Buck ended his show.

4:59 PM - For me, back to the eidting. I think I have one more video to go.

5:11 PM - I published the gray pants video!

5:13 PM - I uploaded gray pants on this blog.

5:15 PM - Miguel called me. He was going to stay at a hotel in downtown. Michael gave him some money. I told him that Michael is a good friend for him. They know each other longer than I know Miguel. Those two have history. He mentioned he was use my phone number on his resume.

5:39 PM - I think the talking in this blog is so wrong. I remembered I have a book on the white cabinet. I looked through the book. Oh, man! I need to fix the talking on this blog. The talking shouldn't be cramp at all like I did.

My neighbor walked down the stairs. She didn't know I was in the doorway.

"You scared me," she said.

"I did?" I asked. I thought she saw me from upstairs. She came out from an apartment. I saw her walking.

"Do you want something from the store," she asked.

"No, I'm fine."

She went to her place, "Honey, I'm home." She closed her door.

I put the book on the cabinet and sat at the desk. I spaced out the talkings. I published the post. I checked the blog. Great, the talking looked much better. I edited the blog once more.

6:11 PM - The neighbor announced she is back from the store. She would talk to me later. She went inside her place.

6:40 PM - I'm all done with the editing of the 43 minutes video. I made 7 videos from that long one. It took me about four hours!

This is the SEVEN videos.

packing miguel's clothes

michael, miguel & the phone

1 minute egg

new apartment & no job?

gray pants

lost brown shoes

mean prank

6:54 PM - I renamed #3 to #2. I cut the big one into seven videos. You already know that. LOL.

6:57 PM - I deleted #3 from this blog

7:03 PM - I tried three times with 2008 october 22, wednesday #2. The damn video is not working right! Damn! I will restart the computer. Hopefully, that will do the trick!

7:33 PM - This past 30 minutes, I'm so FUCKING pist off! I don't understand it at all. I tried to rename #3 to #2 and the fucking blue line won't move! Under different names, it works perfectly. It's so frustration! I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I restarted the computer TWO times too. It won't let me change it back to #2.

7:45 PM - I think I do a system restore to an earlier time. It must be at the exact time or few seconds later than 12:07 PM. That is when the video was made! I hoped I can go back to that time. First, I need to save all my stuff on media.

7:50 PM - It looks like I can't do a system restore. The last earlier time was 12:00:05 AM. Man, that's too damn early. I need 12:07 PM.

7:56 PM - Perhaps, I could send the video to my laptop and rename the video to #2. Hopefully, that will work.

7:58 PM - I turned on the laptop. Now, email it to me.

8:03 PM - Miguel called me from Lucy's. He got some food. I told him to come over. Yet, he wanted me to meet him there! Dear Lord! Is he CRAZY!?!?! We had a BIG fight at Lucy's this morning. Everyone saw us fighting!

He will go to 7/11 for a slurpee. I told him Dr Pepper.

8:04 PM - I email the video to the laptop. I changed the name. I can't change the name. DAMN!

8:13 PM - Miguel called me from Lucy's again! He was expecting me to go there! Few minutes ago, I told him to come over. I don't have time to go somewhere right now. I still need to find a way to rename the video to #2.

8:30 PM - Miguel haven't show up yet. It doesn't take over 15 minutes to come from Lucy's. Maybe, he stop at 7/11 for a slurpee. He asked me what kind in the first phone call. I mentioned Dr. Pepper.

8:38 PM - I heard someone screaming out into the street. It sounds like Miguel. I don't think I will go out to check things out. Normally, I will.

8:42 PM - Yeah, that's Miguel. He called out my name, "Kaz." I won't go out. I won't close the door either.

8:45 PM - Miguel is still screaming once in a while.

8:46 PM - Miguel buzzed me. I went outside and let him in. He had food for us tonight. We went in the place. I put the food on the oven. He tried to close the door. I mentioned do not close it. He put his stuff on the red couch. He sat on the other one.

"Miguel, I thought you have a hotel room."

"I have a hotel room. Don't worry about me. I just to feel what I feel. So, baby. Close the door."

"NOOOO!" I screamed, "I want the door to be open, Miguel."


8:49 PM - I sat down. I used the laptop. Someone knocked on the door. I turned around. It was the apartment manager.

Please watch the rest in the video below.

apartment manager warning

Miguel got up from the couch. He looked through the green bag. Secretly, I turned on the laptop's webcam. Miguel stood for a while.

"Sit down, Miguel. Come on."

He continued to stand.

"What?" he said.

I turned around.

"I said sit down."

"Okay." Miguel loose his balance and sat on the arm off the couch.

"Baby, are you going to buy...Oh!" Miguel said, pointed at the oven, "Food!"

"Miguel, please sit down."

Miguel mumbled!

"Sit down on the couch, Miguel."



"So. Let's have some food."

I got up and fix him some food. Moments later, he took off his shoes. I unpacked the food from the bag. I looked at it. EIW! It looks too gross to eat. I won't eat it at all.

Miguel sat in the same spot for a while. He noticed the webcam was on. He started to make some faces! I looked at him.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You have the webcam on," he laughed.

He made more faces! I walked up to him.

"Miguel, lay down right there."

"Okay." Miguel shook his right leg in the air. He laughed. "I'm going to lay down over there," He said with a strange face. Miguel got up. HE shook his booty. He sat down in the same spot.

"Then?" He asked.

"Come on. Sit down on the couch. Miguel, come on."

"Okay," Miguel continued putting on a drunken show.

"Miguel, lets eat. Here, Miguel," I got his plate and put it on the white table. "Here, Miguel. Come on. Eat. Here, Miguel."

Miguel reached out for the food.

"I'm so..."

"Eat. Here, Miguel. Come on."

I helped Miguel to the white couch. He passed out on the couch. In a neon second, I looked at his bag. I grabbed some papers. I sat down. I looked at it. One paper had a list of hotels. About four hotels was marked.

"Okay. I want this one," he laughed.

I turned around.

"I didn't eat that one."

I put the hotel list on the desk. I looked at him.

"Miguel, eat."

"Okay. I did eat that one," he laughed.

"Miguel, please eat."

"Okay. I did this one."

"Miguel, please eat."



He laughed.

"Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! I eat this one," Miguel laughed.

I turned around. I don't want to listen to his nonsense. I talked to myself. He coughed. He laughed again.

"I'm going to be good. I'm going to be good. Okay. I'm going..." he laughed, "I just couldn't be good. Because." He laughed again. "All right. Okay." He laughed again.

I looked at the webcam. I mentioned it was 9:05 PM. I stopped the webcam.

too drunk to eat

10:46 PM - Miguel called me. I think he was outside. He sounded drunk.

10:58 PM - Miguel called me. He was outside.

10:59 PM - Someone buzzed Miguel in. He knocked on my door, calling my name.

11:02 PM - Miguel is still at the door, knocking.

11:03 PM - Miguel used the intercom. I didn't pick up. Hopefully, he will leave now.

12 Midnight - I turned off the ringer and the answer machine. I know Miguel will call me during the night. I need my beauty sleep.

Brush my teeth.

12:09 AM - Good night.

2 AM - Miguel woke me up. He knocked on the door and banged with something on the windows and the doors. I wouldn't answer the door. I remained in bed till the noise was stop.

I finally used the restroom. The restroom door was closed. The small light was on.

2:07 AM - I quickly jumped back into bed. I couldn't fell asleep.

2:45 AM - I heard some noises outside. It sounds like an ambulance.

I looked through the window. I saw the firetruck and the ambulance. Something bad must have happen to Miguel. He was really drunk. Maybe, someone hit him with a car. Maybe, someone call 911 on his ass. I didn't went out to check it out. Someone will tell me in the morning.

3:30 AM - I used the restroom. I went to sleep.

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