Sunday, September 28, 2003

Mike Crouch

New Order - True faith

This afternoon, I played Warcraft 2 on the computer. Warcraft 2 is my favourite game, but I was getting tire of that game like always. I had few others. I noticed in the mirror that someone was at the door. Ahh, it was my good friend, Mike! I invited him in. He wondered how I knew it was him, the mirror! It was a good thing I had that mirror; it was an watchful eye!

I was so happy to see him. I haven't seen him in a long time. I noticed a big differance in him; he was so happy and ALIVE!! He really living his life. I felt bad; I wished I was like that. I was dead from the world. I really need an awakening! I haven't live since I got my own place in Silverlake.

He still goes out to the clubs, meeting men and dance at latino gay clubs. He has unsafe sex. He knows he shouldn't do that; I didn't preached to him! He knows the danger and the risks! It was his life! He mentioned he got in trouble at a club; he was so drunk that he sipped a stranger's beer. That guy was in the restroom and the bartender saw Mike do the deed! LOL

I asked him about his spanish. He said some words in spanish. Damn, he was getting good. Two months ago, he told me that he will learn spanish to meet latino men. He came a long way since then. By the end of the year, he will probably know the whole spanish language by heart. My ex, Miguel, wanted me to learn few years back, I never did. It was too hard to speak spanish! I may take up spanish, which I doubt! I was Mr. Procrastination! If I do spanish, nobody will understand me like NOW!

Mike wants a sugar daddy from Numbers! I told him that he will make it! He was still young to have one. I wanted one long time ago too, but I wasn't that goodlooking. No sugar daddy will want me. Hey, sex for money was up my alley! Then again, I always give it away for free! I was a average slut back then! LOL

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