Friday, September 5, 2003

My FIRST 6 Degrees

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

Here is something very INTERESTING to know about Kirk Cameron & Chelsea Noble, the "growing pains" marriage couple . It just came to me on 12/3/02! It is a very small world of the connection between of Chelsea Nobel, Andrea Barber and Days, yeah, that DAYS again!!!

Would u believe that the small world is much smaller? LOL Here it goes anyway - Chelsa was on Days (1988) then she was on Growing Pains to be Mike's girlfriend (1989-92).

Full House, the olsen twins sitcom, came on in 1987 starring KIRK CAMERON's sister, Candace. Full House has a former days star on it's cast, the talented Andrea Barber. She was on Days as Carrie Brady. I think the first Carrie, but I am not sure.

Andrea and Chelsea got their start on DAYS and rounded up on the CAMERON's tv sitcoms - Andrea on Full House and Chelsea on Growing Pains!

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