Friday, September 26, 2003

Heather Tom

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As previously reported on TV Guide Emmy award-winner Heather Tom, who has played Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless for more than a decade, will depart the show at the end of the year. According to an official statement from the actress's rep, the decision is a mutual one between the show and Tom, who is exiting her role due to creative differences. "I want to thank all of my fans in daytime for making these 13 years such a joy for me," says Tom in an official statement. "A big thank you must go to [Y&R creator] Bill Bell for creating such a rich, complex character that I loved sinking my teeth into." Tom will seek other opportunities in the entertainment medium.

Heather is leaving the show again; assuming a big pay cut. She deserves every penny for playing such a rich character like Victoria Newman, the daughter of Victor & Nikki Newman. Her recast didn't last that long; Y&R brought her back to the soap.

Her younger brother, David Tom, was Billy Abbott till he left last year. I didn't like his recast either. For some, David was the only Billy as much as Heather was the only Vickie. Some parts shouldn't be recast. A thought occurred - another actress could play Vicky; Vicky and Billy in love, despite of their fueding families. That reminds of Romeo and Juliet in a way!

I had many opportunites to meet her thoughout the years.

1)1997 - A friend told me that Heather was at Trunks, a gay club, with her girlfriends. I got her autograph. She was in a lovely pink dress.

2) I saw her sat on the Santa Monica/La Cienega corner at the Weho Halloween festivals with her friends. She thought I was crazy! LOL

3) 1997 - Grek and I ran into her at Thrifty (Santa Monica/La Brea) one night; she had some trouble with her credit card. (Great tabloid news.) That was a huge shock! Her boyfriend was with her too. I saw them took off in a black pick up truck. I wanted to get her autograph. Then again, I wished I pay for her things! I was homeless back then.

4) Summer 2002 - she was the guest speaker for Paws LA beneifit at Weho Park. She was beauitful, good personality, and friendly. Her two dogs were there too. David was supposed to be there; I wanted to meet him.

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