Monday, September 15, 2003

Strangely Connection

George Michael - Too Funky

I went to Unexplainable site. I wasn't there over a month since I posted Alien God. After I replied to someone's post, I noticed there was a new post by Mike. He responded to someone's post about Dinosaurs & death. Mike caught my attention - "The Dinosaurs could not of died before Adam and Eve came because there was no death till Adam took the Apple, Thus the Bible is once again proved wrong."

This wasn't about the bible. We can't believe everything we read in the bible or elsewhere. Enough about that! I was curious about dino's existance in the world. I came upon some theories.

1) 225 million years ago dinosaurs appeared.....and 65 million years ago All the dinosaurs died. Only 2 million years ago the first human appeared. - Dinosaurs

2) The humans/dinos lived together at the same time.

3) There was no killings at all; Vegetarians.

4) They was mentioned in the bible as "Behemoth." - Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?

I mentioned in Alien God that there was no dinos since Adam/Eve. Really, the dino facts was really out of this world like yours truly. Yes, there was dino bones that people dug up from the ground. Since there was dinosaurs, why can't there be aliens too? We had no ideal of where God came from. Somehow, the humans, the aliens, the animals, dinosaurrs and God were strangely connection.

There was no death till Adam ate the apple. The humans and the animals were Vegetarians, noted in Genesis 3:19 - 3:21. We lived peacefully with each other in the Garden Of Eden.

You should take a peek at Jesus Dinosaurs and More. It a very interesting site!

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