Sunday, September 14, 2003


Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Yesterday, I finally read the email from DWP. I got it few days before. I didn't want to read it. I had a icky feeling that it was BAD NEWS! Boy, I was right!

I was so mad at DWP. They told me in the email that they won't give me CREDIT for paying high price bills this past few months.

I can't afford to pay high price bills at all.

I signed up for Lifeline Discount in September 2002. The first application was, somehow, lost in the mail. They sent another application in March 2003. God, that is SEVEN months right there. I deserves credit for those months.

Then, I had to deal with the so called doctors. They didn't believed I deserved the lifeline discount. I went back to the same clinic, hoping I wouldn't ran into the same doctor, who first declined me for the service.

Luck was on my side, I saw another doctor. He noticed the first doctor's report. At least, he didn't confirmed it with the damn doctor! He gave me the notication for the lifeline discount . Finally, I was on the way for the discount.

My friend supposed to help me with the application. He was too busy. So, I did the application myself. I got to admit, I am not that good with applications. I was a slow learner.

Few week later, DWP sent back the application. They wanted the ACCOUNT number! They were such fools. Hello, they can look up in their own computer for my account number! They know my address and phone number!

Hopefully, my friend, Robert, can straighten out the mess with DWP. I derseved the credit. No questions about it!

I send an email to DWP.....

"You will not recieve the discount back to 2002. We just issued the application to you on 3/5/03."

That does not make sence. My water/power account started in September 2002.

I did asked for the lifeline discount in September 2002.

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