Sunday, September 14, 2003

One Year Anniversary

Eminem - I'm Back

I know this week is my one year annversary of my new apartment, but I forgot the exact date that I moved from my ex lover, Miguel. I thought it was a Monday. I just looked at my old receipts. I moved on Monday, September 16, 2002.

September 11, the apartment manager called me to come over with the Security Deposit the next day. Prior to that, I was already packing for a couple of days/weeks. Miguel didn't like that one bit; he didn't want me to leave him! Oh well, life goes on.

Hey, what can I say? We drifted apart for a long time. Things got in the way; we had different priorities, concerning our life. We wasn't that happy at all. I know I wasn't. Our love wasn't the same anymore.

I was so happy to be away from my ex lover! I couldn't wait to move! It was a new beginning for the both of us. Yes, Miguel was hurt. Hey, what can I do? The longer i stay with him, the more i will be unhappy frustrated with him. I know I will do something awful to him. It was best to get away from him. I couldn't handle his love any more! Hey, what the hell I was talking about him? That life was over with but........

I remembered the day I moved; it was a gruesome sight! LOL. I enlisted Robert and Taylor to help me. We rented out a U Haul truck in Hollywood. We were going to rent it over the phone, but I didn't have a credit card. So, we went to the bank for cash. Robert was the driver. I wouldn't dare to drive a BIG truck! I know I will crash into some cars, trees and such!

We got to Miguel's place. I figured he wasn't home. Boy, I was wrong. He was passed out drunk on the bed! He didn't came home that night; it wasn't his first time either! Hey, I woke him up and told him the good news!! He wasn't that pleased! Oh well, I didn't care how he felt.

I got to admit that I will have to take everything and leave him nothing at all. Since I was a kind person, I let him to have the TV, bed and TV stand. I took everything else! He can afford to buy brand new things, I don't have that kind of money.

I gave him the keys. I still remembered what he said, "I never ever want to see you again." He wanted no part of me! Hey, that's fine by me! We need to get over the hurt then be friends. I can lived with it. We haven't seen each other till.....

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