Friday, September 19, 2003

Illegal Web Music

Katalina - DJ Girl

Have you heard about the true story of the 12 year old girl, Brianna Laharra? She was fine $2,000 for illegal copying music from the web. Her mother, Sylvia Torres, paid for the fine. Brianna is sorry for what she have done. She love music and don't want to hurt the artists she love.

Okay, guys! My opinion is the music industry was quite hard on the girl. There was no way that a little girl have that kind of money. Yes, we all copy music from the web, even me. I mostly use WinMX to download the music. I have over 300 songs.

I welcome a lawsuit from the music industry. It has no merit whatsoever. Who cares if the music is copyright! I will fight the lawsuit. Also, I won't pay the damn fine either. Everyone is guilty of copying something. The music industry is making a big deal out of nothing. I really don't see what the fuss is about.

Like I said, "everyone is guilty of copying something." That's the truth. What about VCRs? We have VCR to tape shows, soaps, news, cartoons, sports and others. All the shows/movies on TV are COPYRIGHT! Yet, Hollywood is not COMPLAINING about it. We all guilty for taping the shows, mostly the SOAPS!

the tv shows/movies are COPYRIGHT as much as the music is.

Before the age of the internet, people use blank tapes to copy music from the radio/friend's collection. Back then, the music industry didn't complain at all. We use blank tapes to copy tv shows. Still, no one ever complains.

For some ODD reason, the internet changed the unspoken rule. We all know that the music and the tv shows are COPYRIGHT. Today, the music industry are coming for our asses unlike Hollywood.

I won't stop copying music or the tv shows like anybody else. They can't stop us from doing so. People will continue copying music AND the tv shows. The manufactures of the VCR and the blank tapes should be the ones who gets the lawsuits, not the innosence people! The manufactures are the ones to blame.

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