Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Cable TV

Del Shannon - The Wandered

The cable guy.....sans Jim Carrey....finally came yesterday in the evening time. The whole apartment building was waiting since last Friday. He supposed to come in the morning, then the evening time! We didn't expect him to show up on Saturday.

He hooked me up the cable. I haven't watch that much TV lately. There was nothing much on to watch on regular TV. Cable gave up more shows to watch. There have been a few I have been wanting to watch such as The Golden Girls, Designing Women, Three's Company and more.

I don't have all the channels yet; the cable guy said we will get them later. Right now, Lifetime is main channel for me. I loved The Golden Girls. I missed the reunion special few months ago. I hope they will show it soon. They need to show the Designing Women special too. I will watch The Golden Girls every day.

I missed watching the British comedies on PBS - Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances, Waiting For God, As Time Goes By and others. I can't get PBS on the regular TV, it doesn't come in at all. I watched the british comedies since the late 80's. I hoped BBC America is part of the cable deal!

I came upon Dinner For Five on IFC at 5 PM. It was very interesting to watch. Actor-filmmaker Jon Favreau created and hosts this casual gathering of friends and fellow filmmakers who talk off-the-cuff about their experiences both on and off the set. Fran Drescher, John Landis and more was on last night. I enjoyed the show very much.

Oops, I forgot...some cable channels - IFC, AMC, Lifetime - I have are three hours ahead of us, NYC time! I have no ideal what times the shows/movies come on! I really don't know what movies I was watching either.

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