Thursday, September 4, 2003

Taylor's Friend

REM - Losing My Relgion

I haven't hear from Taylor in two weeks. We supposed to see Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl on 8/20/03. I didn't show up; I wasn't feeling well. I already saw that movie the day before with Peter and Brian. The next day, I got so tired that I want to stay home. Taylor and I can go to the movies some other time.

The coming Sunday, I was well rested that the movies sounded wonderful. I took a shower in the morning. I called Taylor. Some other guy picked up. I asked for Taylor. He just didn't understand me at all. I heard him calling for Peter. I said, "Bye" and hung up the phone.

He 69ed me back; he chewed me out for "being rude." Me, rude? Hello, I said "Goodbye." His friend have some freaking nerve.

The point is alot of people can't understand me; I was quite different - it's the alien in me! ROFL. He was the one who was being RUDE. That damn fool know my situation. I met him the day I went to the movies with Peter/Brian.

It was Taylor's friend's FAULT, not me. I did the best I could on the telephone. Since my best wasn't the best, his so called friend was being a low class jerk!

If people doesn't understand me at all, why talk on the phone to them? I was being POLITE; I did said, "Goodbye."

I got to admit, it gets frustrating for me on the phone. It wasn't my fault that I was in the situation all my life. God wanted me to be that way; I have to deal with it on a daily basics. I learned to accept the person I am, which is a alien! hehe

Furthermore, I haven't call Taylor back at all. I don't think I ever will again. Taylor must make the next step! I doubt that Taylor will call, thanx to his so called friends!

Who knows? We may find our way back together again like our homeless days last year. I will tell you this much, if Taylor is still friends with that certain person, I want no part of Taylor! It's Taylor's lost, not mine!

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