Friday, September 26, 2003

Dream Center

All 4 One - I Swear

Tonight, I watched TBN, the popular Christian network; there was nothing else on. I came upon The Dream Center at 10 PM. I saw the words of West Hollywood in the background. I decided to watch the whole program. I still considered Weho as home.

The Dream Center was mostly about testimonies. One guy had a criminal record; he turned his life over to Jesus Christ. Now, he is the head security of The Dream Center! Another one was about a blond lady; she worked in the mailroom and answered the phones.

I was curious where The Dream Center was locate. I looked on the web, would you believe it was down the street from me? Few months ago, I decided to take a walk at night. I heard loud music down the street. I checked out the noise. There was few people outside and lots inside. I wanted to go inside. I figured it was something else. So, I went straight home. Now, I realized it was the same place that I "visited" that certain night. God does work in mysterious ways. I was about to trek out to the same place tonight. It was getting late. I will go tomorrow.

The Dream Center is part of Angelus Temple in Echo Park. I checked their address too. I used to live from that church from Echo Park in the late 90's about two months. We lived in a beautiful house on the hill. The roomie changed about every month. The last guy wanted his deposit back; he found a new place with his lover. We had to move out of the house; we had trouble paying the rent on time.

I haven't been to church in a long time; I used to attend MCC in Weho. I went back for a Sunday after Nancy retired. It wasn't the same at all. I hardly know anybody at all; I missed alot of church. Since then, I haven't went back. Lately, I wanted to find a new church, but I keep on putting it off. It wasn't that interesting to me anymore.

This Sunday, I might as well attend the service at Angelus Temple, but I want to check out the Dream Center tomorrow. Maybe, someone may be working. I could get some infor about the church. I wished I talk to someone that certain night when I heard the loud noises. For sure, I could already be a member. Oh well, it is never too late to attend church!

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