Saturday, September 27, 2003

Dream Bus

Queen - We Are The Champions

So badly, I wanted to tape The Adventures of Priscilla:The Queen Of The Desert on Showtime at 8:30 AM. I haven't watch that movie since Dallas. I completely forget I can't tape from some cable channels like Showtime. I need a cable box! I want to get all gay movies to my collection. There was some pretty good ones - Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss, Kiss Me Guido, Trick, and others.

I went to the dentist one hour early; Gameboy kept me company. It was a good way to pass up time while you wait! Yesterday, they thought I had the wrong insurance; I explained my name will show up after they scanned! They didn't send me a new one.

I took 340 straight home. I was on the way to the Dream Center. I waited to cross the street. A bus was heading there too. There was some peeps on the bus. I saw Dream Center on the side of the bus. Hmm, who ever thought I will cross path with their bus? Not me! It was meant to be.

I walked down the street. Yes, I saw the Dream Center on the corner. It was, indeed, the place. I thought I was there few months ago. I went to the end of the street. That place was big. I wondered why I was drawn to that place. Maybe, it was just the name, Dream Center. I need something to do with my time. Hey, I could volunteer on the weekdays; it was very close to home.

I went home and relax. For sure, I will go to their church by Echo Park at 10 AM. I need to get up early, take a shower and catch the bus. I think I used another name at that church. I have no clue about their beliefs of gays. I won't tell them at all. I will keep everything under wraps; they need to gain my trust. I want no hassles from them concerning my sexuality. Hey, we still need to protect ourselves from anyone no matter who they are.

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