Sunday, September 14, 2003

No Entries

Daft Punk - Daft Punk

Yeah, I know I haven't post any entries in this journal lately. Some days, there is nothing to talk about. I thought I will, at least, put one entry a day. My life wasn't that exciting at all. It was fill with boredom and tears. It was really driving me star crazy with nothing to do at all. I have nothing to look forward to. My life was not fullfilling at all; just emptyiness and sadness.

I had noticed that I will buy stuffs to make me happy. Last week, I brought lots of games at Target. I figured it will bring me some happiness. It did for a while. I was so bored with the games already. I was so bored with life itself!

Playing games was another reason I don't do the Journal. Some games takes up most of my time on a day. I see myself as I will keep on spending money on anything for some happiness. That was bad right there. Even Dr Phil will say the same thing! I really don't have the money to spend every day. I was that damn cheap!

If something doesn't come along soon, I had a feeling I will do something very stupid. I need something to occupy my time and to fullfill my life. Then, i will be happy once again. I don't see that happening anytime soon. The sadness will bring more misables or a mad buying spree on things I don't need or I want!

I have so many problems that I can't deal with the boredom. You think you had problems! I should be happy. I got a my own place, few friends, CDs, games, online and such. I just don't care anymore. What is the purpose on living if you are not happy?

Every morning, I woke up with nothing to look forward to. There was no point of waking up. I wished I had some sleeping pills. I will sleep forever. Some life I had. I woke up and do nothing. The sad thing is I hardly don't keep in touch with the world any more. There was nothing for me. Life was one bore feast that it makes my stir crazy doing nothing at all.

Another thing thou, if nothing seems fit well at all, I will easiely get mad. I do get mad about anything these days. I was never like that before. The world was crashing down around me. Life does sux for this alien! Where is the mothership when I need it?

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