Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Bus Craziness

Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon

9/7/03, Sunday morning - Peter called me. He invited me to eat lunch with them at Denny's on Sunset by the 101 Highway. I mentioned I need to pay my bills and I may go to the Latino Gay Festivals at McArthur Park. I checked the exact time for the festivals. It was at 1PM. Well, they didn't have the price at all. I was looking forward to it. I called the number. Damn, it cost $10. That was too much for my blood. I was too cheap!

I told him that I need to take a shower first, then I will met them there.

I played with Joe for a while, not in a gay sence. Shhh! Just me and the killer hand! I took a shower, got ready and left. I caught the bus by 7/11. I went to Denny's. They weren't there at all. Since I was in the area, I might as well pay the bills. They will call me no less. I searched out for a billing place.

Today, I had luck paying my bills unlike Saturday morning. I went to the Gay Company in Loz Felix. Damn, the place wasn't open on the weekends. I wasted my morning. I took the cool dash bus to Hollywood for the movies. I didn't want to get off the bus!

I noticed a message on the phone. Peter reminded me of the bus schedules. The bikeathon messed up the bus routes for Sunday. I think he said something about Alvaroda - catch the bus there to Denny's.

Huh? Denny's? I was already at Denny's. I realized I was at the wrong Denny's. He meant the one on Vermont by the highway. I was late. I know I can't make it at all, thanx to the bikeathon. It will take me a while. I didn't want to risk it; I was still tired from yesterday. They can go ahead eat without me. Why fight Today's Bus Craziness?

I went to Staples on Santa Monica/Vermont. They didn't have Diablo 2. So, I tried my luck at Circuit City on Sunset. I had no luck either. I waited for the bus over 30 minutes. It was too hot to do anything else. I went straight home and played Starcraft 2.

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