Thursday, September 4, 2003

Michael Ausiello

Amanda Ghost - Filthy Mind

I always enjoyed Michael's tv column, Entertainment News, on TV Guide's web site. He always have something funny to say.

I mostly get my entertainment news from him and Zap2it. I go there every day to read his funny juicy news. His column is worth reading.

I just learned from him that Joe Millionaire will be on two nights a week, Mondays/Tuesdays. As much I loved Joe Millionaire, I will rather watch The OC on Tuesday nights instead. The OC have been picking up steam since its debut on (get this!) TUESDAY NIGHTS at 9PM.

One hour earlier on Tuesdays for The OC wouldn't hurt the show. It will hurt the show on Thursdays against NBC and CBS. Top it all, nobody likes time changes on a new night at all.

If I was FOX, I will put The OC at 8PM on Tuesdays in American Juniors' place.

I also get my soap news on TV Guide web site. I loved reading Ask Soaps and the latest news!

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